Carbon Reduction Action Plan

A carbon-neutral organisation

Our carbon footprint

We have worked with a consultant to calculate our carbon footprint for 2018/19. The total emitted was approximately 18,000 tonnes from the council’s activities; such as energy used in our buildings and from transport.  This carbon baseline has been used to set a target for reducing our emissions and to inform our action plan, as detailed below.

The Council has agreed two targets for carbon reduction:

  1. By 2030: An aspiration for our own operations to be carbon neutral for the emissions that are within our direct control. This include carbon emissions from the fuel used by our fleet vehicles and from the gas and electricity used in our buildings
  2. By 2050: To be carbon neutral for those emissions that are not in our direct control, such as from our leased buildings and contract services from our external suppliers.

These targets were approved at Cabinet on September 24 2020.

Read the Short Term Action Plan

Target Setting and Action Planning Report

The Action Planning Report is a report commissioned by Horsham District Council to support us in our carbon reduction planning. It has been prepared by consultancy Anthesis.  The Anthesis report includes:

  • A review of our 2018/19 footprint and identifies key emission sources
  • An assessment and advice on the most suitable targets for the Council
  • Recommendations on key actions necessary, in line with the agreed targets, and includes an estimation of cost and carbon savings.

Read the full Anthesis Report