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Horsham District Council Climate Action Showcase

Horsham District Council will be showcasing some of their new climate action and recycling projects on Saturday 25 September in Horsham.

The Great Big Green Week in Henfield

Sustainable Henfield 2030 are running several events during Great Big Green Week, 18-26 September

Get ready for The Great Big Green Week: 18 - 26 September

Find out how to join in with this national week of events celebrating how communities are taking action to tackle climate change.

Horsham District Council lion

Switch to cleaner energy with solar power

We are working with West Sussex County Council to support a scheme helping residents cut their carbon emissions by installing high quality solar panels at a reduced price.

The Eco Station is an old fashioned milk float with Make Earth Cool Again on the front

Inspiration Eco Station visits Pulborough - 18 September 2021

Visit the Inspiration Eco Station at Pulborough Market on 18 September and find out about ways you can save money and the planet.

A member of Horsham Repair Cafe sits with a sewing machine

Horsham Repair Café reopens 25 September

Give your household items a new lease of life with a simple repair at the Horsham Repair Cafe, re-opening its doors on the 25 September 2021 at the United Reformed Church Horsham.

Sussex Green Hub. The logo is a green heart with a sunburst and the words Community Together

New Sussex Green Hub launches 25 September

A new Sussex Green Hub is to be launched as part of the nationwide Great Big Green Week community celebrations of climate change action.

Asparagus, avocado, tomatoes and garlic on a chopping board

Why plant-based diets are good for you and the planet

Cutting your meat and dairy consumption can have a significant impact on the environment. Find out why and how to make a start.

Colourful fresh vegetable kebab skewers

Piries Place Vegan Market, Horsham

Piries Place Vegan Market is monthly but why not make it a special visit on 25 September as part of the nationwide Great Big Green Week.

A selection of single-use plastic bottles and pots

Top Tips for reducing your plastic waste

Join people around the world who are reducing their plastic waste. You making a small change will collectively make a massive difference to our communities and the planet.

Wilder Horsham District

Horsham District Nature Recovery Network - New report published

Read our new report detailing how we are delivering a Nature Recovery Network for the District through an innovative five-year partnership called Wilder Horsham District.

A graphic of the earth surrounded by a recycling symbol

Three ways to reduce your food miles

Three top tips for reducing your food miles and cutting the carbon footprint of your food shop.