Community Climate Fund

Community Climate Fund

The Community Climate Fund is a grant available to community groups and organisations that share our vision of becoming a carbon neutral District. Horsham District Council aims to empower non-profit groups and organisations to reduce their carbon emissions and create community value locally.

Impact across the District during 2022-23

Priority categories

  • Carbon Emissions – Reduce carbon emissions and other climate warming gases.
  • Energy – Reduce consumption of energy and install low carbon or renewable forms of energy.
  • Water – Reduce consumption of water and reduce threats from flooding.
  • Waste – Minimise waste, reduce, reuse, and recycle.
  • Biodiversity – Increase biodiversity and wildlife in the district.
  • Transport – Reduce the need to travel and increase cycling, walking and use of public transport.

Other considerations - education, wellbeing, community involvement,  and potential for long-term positive change.

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Funding available

The maximum grant award is £5,000 per application.

The table below demonstrates the maximum funding available:

Total Project CostMaximum Funding Available
Less than £5,000Up to 100% of total project cost
£5,000 - £10,000Up to 50% of total project cost
More than £10,000No more than £5,000

Eligibility criteria

  • A non-profit organisation or group (with no undue restriction on membership) that is based in Horsham District.
  • Seeking to create a new project that will reduce carbon emissions through at least one category of energy, water, waste, biodiversity or transport.
  • The project will serve at least 80% Horsham District residents.
  • You have not received a Community Climate Fund or Nature Recovery Award within the past 365 days.
  • You are requesting funding for essential materials and/or professional services for expertise beyond your organisation.

To apply you will need...

  • Evidence of 2 quotes for:
  • a) any building works

    b) use of professional services

    c) individual expenses over £1,000

  • Measurable outputs and outcomes specific to your project.
  • A formal constitution or set of rules.
  • Your own bank account and audited accounts.
  • Safeguarding and equal opportunity policies (if deemed relevant).

The Voluntary Sector Support (VSS) are happy to offer free support for creating organisational documents.

Conditions of funding

  • Funding must be spent within one year of receiving it
  • 6-month progress update
  • 12-month progress report on outputs and outcomes
  • Signed terms and conditions
  • Before and after photos
  • Marketing material for projects must include HDC logo

When can you apply?

  • 1 July 2024 - 11 August 2024
    • 7 October 2024 - 17 November 2024
    • 6 January 2025 - 16 February 2025

Submitting your application

We strongly encourage you to discuss your application before applying. We offer free tailored support to maximise your opportunities. Please call our friendly and approachable team at  01403 215156 or email

Below is a draft application form. We recommended using this to prepare the information before completing the online application (that must be completed in one session).

Please contact us with any application queries as we are available with personal support.

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Nature Recovery Award

The Community Climate Fund works in partnership with Wilder Horsham District's Nature Recovery Award. It focuses support for landowners and community groups intending to implement practical schemes that expand and improve wildlife connectivity in the Horsham District landscape.

Find out more about the Nature Recovery Award

If you are unsure which fund is more applicable for your project, please do get in touch to ask.