Community Climate Fund - Success Stories

Listed below are local projects that have benefited from the Council’s Community Climate Fund.  Their stories demonstrate ways to align with the priority categories and offer inspiration for new projects throughout the District.

To explore how the climate network is growing across Horsham District and throughout West Sussex, check out WSCC's Climate Change Action Map.

1st Sullington & Storrington Scouts

Queen Elizabeth II Community Garden

Project cost: £2,791

Amount awarded:  £954.93

1st Sullington & Storrington now have the funds to enhance their existing community garden to achieve waste, water and biodiversity benefits. They plan to introduce hot bin composting, rainwater harvesting and an insect hotel to support pollination.

2nd Horsham Scout Group

Energy, Water and Waste Eco-Projects

Project cost:  £2,381

Amount awarded : £2000

2nd Horsham Scout's Eco-Project
The first application in February 2021 fully covered their ambition to develop a water harvesting system via fitted gutting and multiple water butts. In addition, they integrated multiple hot composters to productively process garden and food waste. A later successful application in 2022 increased energy and water efficiency with the replacement of outdated fluorescent strip lights with new LED units and automatic water taps.

Project benefits:

  • Financial savings due to lowering energy and water consumption.
  • Less greenhouse gas (GHG) contributions equals subsequently minimising ecological footprint and climate impact.
  • Furthering environmental education across multiple generations.
  • Improve the quality of facilities available to 350+ community members.

5th/10th Horsham Scouts

Solar PV and LED Lighting Installation

Project cost:  £21,919

Amount awarded: £5,000

A successful bid in August 2022 facilitated a future solar PV installation for renewable electricity generation, as well as batteries for on-site storage. Moreover, funding allowed switching current lighting to LED lights. These changes support 5th/10th Horsham scouts' ambitious targets to save 64 tonnes of CO2 over 20 years and reduce lighting costs by 50%.

Beeding and Bramber Village Hall

Solar PV and LED Lighting Installation

Project cost: £15,114

Amount awarded : £4,714

Beeding and Bamber Village Hall's Solar PV and LED Lighting Installation
Beeding and Bramber Village Hall successfully attained funding during February 2022 to complete their sustainable energy project. The project emerged as part of a three way partnership between Beeding and Bramber Village Hall, Greening Steyning and Brighton and Hove Energy Services Cooperative (BHESCo). Due to this effective partnership and the supporting Community Climate Fund, they have enhanced energy efficiency by installing a 5.94kWp Solar PV array and upgraded to LED lighting.

Project benefits:

  • An estimated 1958kg CO2 saving per annum (Source: BHESCo, 2022).
  • Financial savings that improve value for community users.
  • Ensures that Beeding and Bramber Village Hall become visible community leaders on climate action.

[The Community Climate Fund] has allowed us to be a beacon for other organisations, in the village and beyond, to do something positive and change their carbon footprint.

Sue Albury (Chair of Trustees)

Chanctonbury Church

Bicycle Rack Installation

Project cost: £1,038

Amount awarded: £878

The introduction of a 5 capacity bicycle rack within the church grounds promotes sustainable mobility for both church visitors and the wider public. This action supports a reduction in GHG emissions, local air pollution and congestion.

Chanctonbury Community Leisure Centre

LED Studio Replacement

Project cost: £11,858

Amount awarded: £5,000

Chanctonbury Community Leisure Centre and their users will benefit from an estimated annual saving of £6,583 due to an LED lighting upgrade (NRG Group,  2022). Critically, their carbon emission and energy usage will both fall as a result.

Comptons Tennis Club

LED Floodlight Replacement

Project cost: £40,000

Amount awarded:  £5,000

Exchanging metal halide light fittings with far more efficient and reliable LED floodlights shall save carbon contributions, energy and financial expenditure.  In addition, the freed up electrical capacity permits plans with Lower Beeding Parish Council to initiate on-site electric vehicle charging points.

Friends of Horsham Park

Sense the Change

Project cost: £12,352

Amount awarded: £2,082

The Community Climate Fund has supported developments for a drought resistant sensory garden in Horsham Park. Watch their video on Twitter that explains their intentions for the grant. You can also follow project updates via their website.

Greening Steyning

The 2030 Project

Project cost:  £13,500

Amount awarded:  £10,000

Greening Steyning have been a highly organised and proactive climate community group since 2010. Their 2030 Project that tackles a range of environmental issues. The initial grant in 2020 helped them to establish a Repair Café and The Retrofit Project and conducted an Active Travel Survey. The follow-up grant in 2022 supported a Home Energy Helpdesk, Climate Café and encouraged community engagement through a sustainable fashion show, Wildlife Gardens Open Day and creating an interactive local nature map.

Horsham Trafalgar Neighbourhood Council

Dr. Bike Essential Bike Maintenance Classes

Project cost: £3,938

Amount awarded: £2,498

These free classes offered core cycling maintenance skills to impower local cyclists with independence and confidence. By promoting a climate friendly alternative to cars, they also matched with their desires to reduce the speed limit in the area with prioritising cycling and walking and improving air quality for all.

Horsham Community Fridge

Saturday Pop-up Events

Project cost: £1,830

Amount awarded: £1,000

The Council contributed towards the running a pop-up version of the already established Community Fridge service. Improving accessibility for residents across the District means further savings on food waste, which in turn reduces carbon emissions and strengthens community resilience.

Horsham Lawn Tennis Club

LED Floodlights Upgrade

Project cost: £26,050

Amount awarded: £5,000

Horsham Lawn Tennis Club committed to upgrading court floodlights in 2021. The development ensures a leading example for other local sports clubs who similarly wish to reduce carbon footprint and save money by minimise energy consumption.

Henfield Hall

Community Solar in Henfield

Project cost: £27,028

Amount awarded:  £5,000

The installation of 60 PV solar panels represents a key step towards Henfield Hall's wider plan to become carbon neutral.  This development has been supported by Sustainable Henfield and Henfield Parish Council throughout.

Henfield Haven

PV Project

Project cost: £30,106

Amount awarded: £5,000

Henfield Haven estimate that their new solar PV array will produce an annual output of 32,253kWh. This project is part of the Sustainable Henfield 2030 overall project for energy reduction in its public buildings.

Henfield Leisure Centre

Sports Hall Lighting Improvements

Project cost: £11,700

Amount awarded:  £5,000

This leisure centre upgraded their 30-year-old lighting with 15 LED lighting fittings, which they predict will result in a 273% energy reduction and consequential carbon contribution. Other benefits include extending product life cycles of lights to 20,000 hours for less waste and financial savings maximising returns for community centre users.

One Church

Rock Farm

Project cost: £54,752

Amount awarded: £5,000

This investment went towards creating an outdoor space for a carbon-negative farming project with a specialist focus on including the marginalised members of the community.  Here educational programs focus on alternative methods for growing food, including biochar farming and methods to improve soil fertility, as well as for planting trees.

Parochial Church Council of Holy Trinity Rudgwick (HTR)

Waste Reduction and Green Roof Recycling Shelter

Project cost:  £3,134

Amount  awarded:  £2,500

HTR won funding in the final round of 2022 to fulfil their vision of extending recycling operations that collect items missed with kerbside services.  The plans involve constructing a green roof recycling shelter to upscale waste reduction, increase biodiversity and absorb CO2. Also, they intend to extend education through a local sustainability network with schools, businesses, Rudgwick scouts, and in partnership with the national Eco Church community.

Southwater Village Hall

Air Source Heat Pump System

Project cost: £29,700

Amount awarded:  £5,000

A successful application eased the cost of installing an air source heat pump to replace a gas fired boiler.  This not only reduces immediate energy use and carbon emissions, but also acts as investment in preparation for future cost and policy changes.


Springboard Green Fund

Project cost: £2,749

Amount awarded: £2,749

The provision of Smart Radiator Valves improved the energy efficiency of their building and a new electronic bike purchase now encourages sustainable mobility for staff.

St. Mark's Church, Holbrook

Holbrook Community Orchard

Project cost: £1,000

Amount awarded: £1,000

St. Mark's Church have been accredited with Eco Church recognition. They selected to develop their community garden via tree/bulb planting, food recycling, rainwater collection, whilst completing wildlife and local community surveys to review progress.

Steyning Tennis Club

New Energy Efficient LED Lights

Project cost: £24,050

Amount awarded: £5,000

Steyning Tennis Club will soon replace 12 floodlights with LED capabilities to decrease CO2e contributions by 61%, increase the product life of lights by 4-5 times and improve lighting quality for 224 members and non-members with access.

Sussex Green Living

Bright New Future Road Show

Project cost: £17,000

Amount awarded: £5,000

Sussex Green Living are an award winning charity for their climate endeavours since 2012.  Financial support was given towards creating an 'Eco Innovation Station' as a retrofitted milk float that tours events across the District. Here individuals can receive information regarding how to reduce their carbon footprint. You can discover more about the project here.

Sustainable Henfield

SH2030 - Plastic Waste Reduction

Project cost:  £956

Amount awarded: £956

Sustainable Henfield are a well established community group who lead a 10 year plan centred around carbon reduction, biodiversity, consumer issues and transport. The Council's Community Climate Fund supported the recycling of disposable PPE via the introduction of Zero waste bins at strategic points around Henfield.

Transition Horsham

Community Allotment Outreach

Project cost: £690

Amount awarded: £690

As a local network, Transition Horsham play a key role in driving climate action within the District. This grant assisted with their desire to extend access to a free and mutually supportive sustainable food producing community. The funds contributed towards developing a ‘heritage bed’, continuing to support over 25 people in seed circles and also expanding the already successful Seedy Saturday seed swap initiative.

Upper Beeding Baptist Church: The HUB

The HUB Beeding Solar Panels

Project cost:  £13,768

Amount awarded:  £5,000

Part funding for an 8kW solar PV array that will help this community building become a showcase example in how to reduce fossil fuel dependency.