Community Climate Fund Success Stories

Below are examples of how the Council's Community Climate Fund is improving environmental and social standards throughout the District.  These stories exemplify how to meet the grant criteria to implement climate action locally.

The Climate Change Action Map reflects how the climate network is growing across Horsham District and West Sussex. Do not forget to plot your projects onto WSCC's map!

1st Storrington & Sullington Scout Group

1st Storrington & Sullington Scouts

Queen Elizabeth II Community Garden

Project cost: £2,791

Amount awarded: £955

The community garden will introduce hot bin composting, rainwater harvesting and an insect hotel to support pollination.  This work will form  waste, water and biodiversity benefits, whilst developing environmental awareness amongst the children involved.

2nd Horsham Scout's Eco-Project

2nd Horsham Scout Group

Energy, Water and Waste Eco-Project I

Project cost: £1,000

Amount awarded: £1,000

The Community Climate Funding has allowed 2nd Horsham Scouts to install a rainwater harvesting system to avoid 25,000L of mains water annually. In addition, two hot composters will continue to reduce landfill disposal and the installation of a heating programmer is predicted to reduce carbon emitted for energy by 20%.

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Two young scouts hold up water saving awareness signs where the automatic taps will be installed

2nd Horsham Scout Group

Energy, Water and Waste Eco-Project II

Project cost:  £1,381

Amount awarded : £1,000

A second successful application in 2022 went towards automatic water taps and LED lighting.  Their lead fundraiser said “the Community Climate Funding has allowed us to become more sustainable in lowering our carbon footprint and environmental impact as well as reducing our running costs. Our initiatives have help create, a bright, clean and operationally efficient environment which is more accessible to all.”

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5th 10th Horsham Scouts

5th/10th Horsham Scouts

Solar PV and LED Lighting Installation

Project cost: £21,919

Amount awarded: £5,000

This project enabled solar PV installation for renewable electricity generation and batteries for on-site storage. On top of this, funding supported a switch to LED lights in an attempt to reduce lighting costs by 50%. These actions represent 5th/10th Horsham scouts' ambitious target of saving 64 tonnes of CO2 over 20 years.

Barns Green Primary School

Barns Green Primary School

Solar PV Installation

Project cost: £24,000

Amount awarded: £5,000

CCF funding is combining with other grants to drive Barns Green Primary School towards net zero. The project involves installing a 40 solar PV panel array to generate approximately 17,846 kWh of electricity generation per year. This will showcase climate action in the community and attaches to the environmental education featured as part of the school curriculum. Using West Sussex County Council’s estimates, they anticipate savings of 7 tCO2 per annum.

Beeding and Bamber Village Hall's Solar PV and LED Lighting Installation

Beeding and Bramber Village Hall

Solar PV and LED Lighting Installation

Project cost: £15,114

Amount awarded: £4,714

This funding gave Beeding and Bramber Village Hall the financial support to complete their collaborative sustainable energy project. They worked with Greening Steyning, Brighton and Hove Energy Services Cooperative (BHESCo), Lightfoot LED and CC Solar to install a 5.94kWp solar PV array and LED lighting.  The project outcomes will be an estimated 33 tones of CO2 saved over 25 years and financial savings that will return value for community users.

[The Community Climate Fund] has allowed us to be a beacon for other organisations, in the village and beyond, to do something positive and change their carbon footprint.

Sue Albury (Beeding and Bramber Hall Chair of Trustees)

Billingshurst Men's Sheds

Billingshurst Men's Sheds

Shed Insulation Project

Project cost: £4,491

Amount awarded: £2,500

HDC are helping this local group launch by supporting their sustainable building.  The DIY project involving skilled volunteers will add insulation, as well as double-glazed doors and windows to the new shed facility.  Avoiding heaters across the colder months will save approximately 288kWh and 80kg CO2 per annum. Subsequently, it creates a warmer environment for users through the winter and reduces costs for a soon to be important community hub.

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Bicycle Rack at Chanctonbury Church

Chanctonbury Church

Bicycle Rack Installation

Project cost: £1,038

Amount awarded: £878

Installing a 5 capacity bicycle rack within the church grounds promotes sustainable mobility for both church visitors and the wider public. This action contributes towards a reduction in GHG emissions, air pollution and congestion locally, not to mention encouraging active lifestyles.

LED Lighting for Chanctonbury Leisure Centre

Chanctonbury Leisure Centre

LED Studio Replacement

Project cost: £11,858

Amount awarded: £5,000

Chanctonbury Community Leisure Centre and their users will benefit from an estimated annual saving of £6,583 due to an LED lighting upgrade in their studio (NRG Group,  2022). Critically, their carbon emissions will fall by 4.5 tonnes CO2 as a result.

Comptons Tennis Club Floodlights

Comptons Tennis Club

LED Floodlight Replacement

Project cost: £40,000

Amount awarded: £5,000

Switching to highly efficient LED floodlights will save 7 tonnes of carbon due to energy reduction and lower the club's financial expenditure.  In addition, the freed up electrical capacity provides potential to implement on-site electric vehicle charging points in the near future.

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Raised Bed in Horsham Park's Sensory Garden

Friends of Horsham Park

Sense the Change

Project cost: £12,352

Amount awarded: £2,082

The Community Climate Fund has supported developments for a drought resistant sensory garden in Horsham Park. Watch their video on Twitter that explains their intentions for the grant. The area is free to access or you can also follow project updates via their website.

A member of the Repair Café team amends a resident's electrical item.

Greening Steyning

The 2030 Project

Project cost: £13,500

Amount awarded:  £10,000

Greening Steyning have been a highly organised and proactive environmental group since 2010. Their 2030 Project tackles a range of environmental issues to become 'one of the greenest, healthiest and most sustainable communities in the UK'. The initial CCF grant in 2020 helped them to establish a Repair Café, the Active Travel Survey and engage with local schools. The follow-up grant in 2022 continued progress via the Home Energy Helpdesk, Climate Café, community sustainable fashion show, Wildlife Gardens Open Day and creating an interactive local nature map.

An aerial photograph of Henfield Hall that shows the newly installed solar panels

Henfield Hall

Community Solar in Henfield

Project cost: £27,028

Amount awarded:  £5,000

The installation of 60 PV solar panels represents work with Sustainable Henfield to reduce energy usage across community buildings. This development leaves them hopeful that they can avoid over 10 tonnes of carbon annually, with 40% of this clean energy being exported to the national grid.  Henfield Parish Council and Rampion have also been key supporting players for this project.

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Henfield Hall

Battery for Solar

Project cost: £21,251

Amount awarded: £5,000

The hall returned  with another application for the next logical step of their project; batteries to store excess renewable energy.  Estimations indicate potential for the hall's carbon impact to reduce 1.6  tonnes.  The Community Climate Fund team were thrilled to see this project progression.

Henfield Haven posing outside of their property for BN5 Magazine in celebration of their CCF award

Henfield Haven

Solar PV Project

Project cost: £30,106

Amount awarded: £5,000

A sustainability feasibility study by Henfield Community Partnership and Sustainable Henfield led to CCF funding a new solar PV array producing an annual output of 23,000 kWh. Operation of the dementia day centre can now continue sustainably and reduce 7 tonnes of carbon annually.

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Community organisation representatives pose for a picture in the sports hall where lighting replacement will take place

Henfield Leisure Centre

Sports Hall Lighting Improvements

Project cost: £11,700

Amount awarded: £5,000

This leisure centre upgraded their 30-year-old lighting with 15 LED lighting fittings. They are aiming for a 273% energy reduction and subsequent carbon saving above 2 tonnes. Other benefits include extending product life cycles of lights to 20,000 hours for less waste and financial savings maximising returns for community centre users.

A picture of the finished green roof recycling hub located at Rudgwick playing fields

Holy Trinity Rudgwick

Waste Reduction & Green Roof Shelter

Project cost: £3,134

Amount  awarded: £2,500

Holy Trinity Rudgwick, Rudgwick  Youth Centre and Go Greener Rudgwick have worked collectively to extend community recycling to cover items otherwise missed with kerbside collection.  Our grant helped expand their recycling hub and increase recycling capacity beyond the 400kg deferred from landfill in a previous annual trial.  Also, construction of a green roof will increase ecological stability by attracting pollinators, providing provision for species and absorbing CO2.  We look forward to hearing how they will spread waste education and build partnerships throughout the village.

Read more about this project via Our District magazine

Volunteers gathered around a food stall at United Reform Church, Horsham

Horsham Community Fridge

Saturday Pop-up Events

Project cost: £1,830

Amount awarded: £1,000

Financial support from the Council helped scale up the operations of the critically important Community Fridge service. This volunteer scheme simultaneously tackles issues of food poverty and food waste that are pressing when facing cost of living and climate crises.  Extra Saturday sessions in different neighbourhoods  means extending outreach of support  for Horsham District residents.  The further savings on food waste converted to around 1.5 tonnes of carbon emissions yearly and strengthen community resilience during times of uncertainty.

Horsham Tennis Club's new LED floodlights photographed on a glorious summer's day

Horsham Sports Club

LED Tennis Courts Floodlights Upgrade

Project cost: £26,050

Amount awarded: £5,000

Horsham Lawn Tennis Club committed to upgrading court floodlights in 2021. The development ensures a leading example for other local sports clubs who similarly wish to reduce carbon footprint and save money by minimise energy consumption.

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Horsham Trafalgar NC

Dr. Bike Maintenance Classes

Project cost: £3,938

Amount awarded: £2,498

These free classes offered core cycling maintenance skills to impower local cyclists with independence and confidence. By promoting a climate friendly alternative to cars, they also matched with their desires to reduce the speed limit in the area with prioritising cycling and walking and improving air quality for all.

Lower Barn Allotment society members gather in the gardens with tools and umbrellas

Lower Barn Allotment Society

Rainwater Harvesting

Project cost: £4,050

Amount awarded: £2,400

This local society applied resourcefulness, environmental awareness, and collaboration to design an effective water conservation project. They will use funds for the raw materials to complete community DIY to incorporate three water harvesting stations into community allotment which is accessible to around 100 people. Using typical rainfall and consumption over the past two years, they anticipate decreasing water consumption by 20% and save 27,000L per year.

Find your local allotment

An image showing an applicant pointing to where LED replacement lights will be going.

North Horsham PC

Holbrook Tythe Barn LED Replacement

Project cost: £4,152

Amount awarded: £2,076

Plans to upgrade 65 lights with LED fixtures using professional electrical services. Estimated carbon savings are 1.8 tCO2e pa through reducing energy usage. It converts into lowers costs on electricity by 20% that can go towards improving community services.

A young child and an adult woman are gardening in Rock Farm's community garden

One Church, Rock Farm

Community Carbon Sink

Project cost: £28,182

Amount awarded:  £5,000

This investment went towards creating an outdoor space for a carbon-negative farming project with a specialist focus on including the marginalised members of the community.  Here educational programs focus on alternative methods for growing food, including biochar farming and methods to improve soil fertility, as well as for planting trees.

Rock Farm's Manager shares edible flowers with volunteers

One Church, Rock Farm

Carbon-Negative Horticulture Courses

Project cost: £11,000

Amount awarded: £5,000

A series of 1-day courses educating 50+ people of carbon-negative and nature-friendly growing methods. Upskilling 4-6 long-term unemployed/underemployed people to learn horticulture and landscaping and providing employment assistance. Estimated 1.2 tCO2e saved pa, plus any actions from education.

The trustees of Pulborough Social Centre gather outside the village hall

Pulborough Social Centre

Entrance and Foyer LED Lighting

Project cost: £2,330

Amount awarded: £1,930

The proposal to invest in 8 new LED lighting fixtures was accepted during the February 2023 round. These upgrades will produce monetary savings for the community organisation and improves usability for users. Also, increasing energy efficiency by 73% converts into 1 tonne of carbon being avoided per year.

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Shipley Community Hub

Relove Preloved Station and Borrow Library

Project cost: £2,150

Amount awarded: £2,150

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Slinfold Village Hall

LED Lighting

Project cost: £4,775

Amount awarded: £2,500

Upgrading 42 light fittings and controls with energy-efficient LED in the hall. Saves 500kWh and 1.5 tCO2e per annum, whilst sustaining hall user charges for the community.

Community Climate Fund applicant stands with the new heat pumps at Southwater Village hall

Southwater Village Hall

Air Source Heat Pump System

Project cost: £29,700

Amount awarded: £5,000

A successful application eased the cost of installing an air source heat pump to replace a gas fired boiler.  This not only reduces immediate energy use and carbon emissions, but also acts as investment in preparation for future cost and policy changes.

Springboard's Customer Support Officer holds the smart energy controls


Springboard Green Fund

Project cost: £2,749

Amount awarded: £2,749

The provision of Smart Radiator Valves improved the energy efficiency of their building and a new electronic bike purchase now encourages sustainable mobility for staff.

Steyning Tennis Club members huddle outside of the clubhouse on a spring morning

Steyning Tennis Club

New Energy Efficient LED Lights

Project cost: £24,050

Amount awarded:  £5,000

Steyning Tennis Club will shortly replace 12 floodlights with LED capabilities to decrease CO2e contributions by 61%, increase the product life of lights by 4-5 times and improve lighting quality for 224 users.

The renovated church garden of St Mark's shows tree planting and hot bin composter

St. Mark's Church

Holbrook Community Orchard

Project cost: £1,000

Amount awarded: £1,000

St. Mark's Church have been accredited with Eco Church recognition. They selected to develop their community garden via tree/bulb planting, food recycling, rainwater collection, whilst completing wildlife and local community surveys to review progress.

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St. Mary's Church

Learning Thermostat Installation

Project cost: £3,595

Amount awarded: £1,095

The Community Climate Fund logo is displayed because a photo of the project is unavailable

St. Peter's Church

Church House Insulation

Project cost: £8,170

Amount awarded: £2,500

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Storrington & Sullington PC

Heat Pump Air Conditioner Replacement

Project cost: £10,980

Amount awarded: £5,000

A 2-phase project to replace 5 heat pump units to reduce energy consumption on heating by 30%. The 800-kWh reduction per year will save 1.8 tCO2e being emitted per annum

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Storrington Community FC

Replacement LED Lights

Project cost: £2,985

Amount awarded: £2,485

A series of lighting upgrades including 18 circular polo fittings, 13 LED batten, 13 emergency bulkhead fittings, 1x 30w food light and PIR with new protective cage. These measures will present energy reductions of community facilities open to 250+ regular users.

A behaviour change display educating consumers how to avoid waste from reaching landfill

Sussex Green Living

Bright New Future Roadshow

Project cost: £17,000

Amount awarded: £5,000

Sussex Green Living are an award winning charity for their climate endeavours since 2012.  Financial support was given towards creating an 'Eco Innovation Station' as a retrofitted milk float that tours events across the District. Here individuals can receive information regarding how to reduce their carbon footprint. You can discover more about the project here.

Sussex Green Living's Recycle, Repair and Refill milk float opens up for residents

Sussex Green Living

3 R's Roadshow

Project cost: £5,000

Amount awarded: £3,000

The environmental charity will be touring 10 communities across Horsham District. These funday-type events will encourage repair and refill, over replacement. Funding will support refill services, engagement games, waste awareness education, 1 new repair café and 2 new recycling drop off points.

A volunteer holding up a TerraCycle collection box at St Peter's Church, Henfield

Sustainable Henfield

SH2030 - Plastic Waste Reduction

Project cost: £956

Amount awarded: £956

Sustainable Henfield are a well established community group who lead a 10 year plan centred around carbon reduction, biodiversity, consumer issues and transport. The Council's Community Climate Fund supported the recycling of disposable PPE via the introduction of Zero waste bins at strategic points around Henfield.

An image of lighting in Thakeham Primary School classroom before replacement

Thakeham Primary School

Classroom LED Lighting Replacement

Project cost: £1,104

Amount awarded: £1,100

Swapping 10 outdated and failing fluorescent lights for new LEDs in a classroom. It is the final classroom without LED.

Increases energy efficiency by 50% for 0.12 tCO2e avoided per annum. Improves learning environment for the children.

Four young people complete gardening activities in the community garden.

Transition Horsham

Community Allotment Outreach

Project cost: £690

Amount awarded: £690

As a local sustainable network, Transition Horsham play a key role in driving climate action within the District. This grant assisted with their desire to extend access to a free and mutually supportive sustainable food producing community. The funds contributed towards developing a ‘heritage bed’, continuing to support over 25 people in seed circles and also expanding the already successful Seedy Saturday seed swap initiative.

"The Community Climate Fund grant has been the stimulus we needed to embark upon solar panels for electricity at The Hub, so we would like to express our sincere thanks to HDC for their support in making the project happen."

Andy  Sharpe (The Hub Beeding Trustee)

A shot of The HUB's newly installed solar panels

Upper Beeding Baptist Church

The Hub Beeding Solar Panels

Project cost: £13,768

Amount awarded: £5,000

Back in November 2022, this key community organisation won funding for an 8kW solar PV array to reduce fossil fuel dependency. The project is now completed and on target to save 25 tonnes of carbon over the next 25 years.  The Hub have said they are delighted with energy cost savings,  the climate awareness created in the community and the wider benefit of feeding excess renewable energy into the National Grid.