Celebrating outstanding recycling rates on Global Recycling Day

Published: 30 Mar 2023

Podback recycling collections van

We marked Global Recycling Day recently by embracing this year’s theme of ‘Creative Innovation’.

The Council's innovative approach to recycling and the many new initiatives we have launched, including the recent introduction of household coffee pod collections, has created an outstanding recycling track record for the District.

Here are some of our recycling stats for you:

  • In 2021/22 (the last full year's worth of data currently available) we collected 14,895 tonnes of mixed dry recycling and 14,676 tonnes of garden waste
  • In 2022 our dedicated van has provided 4,469 collections of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and textiles from District households, including:
    • 4,518 bags of WEEE and
    • 5,748 bags of Textiles
  • Since the launch of Podback, our coffee pod collection scheme, in January 2023, we have made 609 home collections, retrieving 1,290 individual bags of pods

The District currently achieves a recycling rate of 53.5%, the highest throughout Sussex, thanks to our support and the work of our residents, and we are currently ranked in the top 50 recycling performers across the whole of the UK.

Great work everyone!