Food Waste Action Week 18 - 24 March 2024

Published: 15 Mar 2024

Loose vegetables photo

'Choose What You'll Use'

The theme this year is 'Choose what you will use', encouraging us all to buy loose fruit and vegetables rather than pre-packaged items to ensure that we only buy what we need.

When choosing food think about the whole lifecycle of your food: from farm, to packaging and transport, to fork, or to the bin. Each stage in the journey of our food draws resources from our planet and produces greenhouse gas emissions.

By reducing our food waste we not only save ourselves money but we also reduce our carbon footprint and so help to tackle climate change.

Discover some simple tips and guidance to make the most of your food purchases:

Try these simple habits to help reduce your food waste

The value of Community Fridges and Pop Ups

Did you know that a number of pop-up Community Fridges operate in the Horsham area? These spaces enable local people and businesses to donate fresh, good-quality surplus food that would otherwise be wasted. The donated food is then made freely available for local people to come and collect.

Find Community Fridge locations and times