LED lighting in our car parks reduces carbon emissions

Published: 20 Aug 2021

Swan Walk car park

As part of our carbon reduction programme we will be replacing all the lights in our multi storey car parks with LED lighting.

The work has already started in Swan Walk car park where we will be replacing the first 387 fittings throughout July.

It is anticipated that by replacing just the first 387 lights in Swan Walk car park we will be reducing our carbon emissions by almost 19,000kg a year, as well as saving almost £11k in energy bills.

To give you an idea of the scale of this, 1,000kg of carbon emissions is approximately the equivalent to driving 6,000km in a diesel car!

When supplies are back in stock again we hope to complete the remaining more than 200 light fittings over the summer.  Following this we will start replacing lights in The Forum car park as part of an ongoing programme.

When people enter the carparks they will notice that the lights are dimmed initially before fully lighting up as you approach them.