New rapid electric vehicle charge points installed in Storrington and Billingshurst

Published: 06 May 2022

New rapid electric vehicle charge points have been installed in Storrington’s Library Car Park, and the Six Bells Car Park in Billingshurst. This is the first stage of a major project that will improve vehicle charging infrastructure across the Horsham District.

Horsham District Council Cabinet Member for the Environment and Rural Affairs Cllr James Wright went to Storrington recently to see the recently installed rapid electric vehicle charge points which allow electric vehicles to be recharged to 80% in about 40 minutes, depending on the type of vehicle.

The replacement charge points are being installed by Connected Kerb and are just the first of many to be installed over the next decade, supporting the Council’s ambition to reduce carbon emissions to address climate change.

This project will see charge points installed on streets, in public sector and community car parks, helping many drivers without off street parking to go electric, as they are the main target for the network.

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