Our Hot Bin food waste trial has been extended

Published: 24 Aug 2022

•	Cllr Toni Bradnum delivers Hot Bin to St Mark's Church Holbrook

Our Recycling Champions are local families and community groups who are taking part in a recycling trial to help us find new ways to reduce food waste and increase recycling across the District

We have now extended the trial to include more families and also community groups. Currently some 40% of what residents throw away is food waste!

The trial this time will use both 200L and 100L bins to test capacity. Each family will be provided with a Hot Bin suitable for the number of people in their family or community group. They are being asked to provide data and feedback on their activities, sharing their findings on social media.  The data gathered will help inform the Council as to whether this type of home composting is a viable method of reducing residual waste.

One of the groups taking part in this trial is local charity Horsham Matters who will be trying out the Hot Bin this summer. They commented:

"At Horsham Matters we are always looking at ways to reduce our waste, save money, and help the community. The hot bin will allow us to do this by putting our food waste there and turning this to compost for community garden projects. Also, this will help us cut the cost of waste food collections."

Pictured: One of the first community groups to trial the Hot Bin  - St Mark’s Church in Holbrook, Horsham

How to use a Hot Bin

One of our participants, Laura, has sent us a fantastic video (3 minutes) on how to use a Hot Bin.
Click the button below to watch on our YouTube channel.

Watch Laura's video