Over 2,500 trees planted at Warnham Local Nature Reserve

Published: 29 Apr 2024

Tree planting image

Over 2,500 trees have now been planted at Warnham Local Nature Reserve following the necessary felling of diseased Ash trees last winter.

Following guidance from Forestry England a selection of native tree species were chosen, including 775 Pedunculate Oak, 260 Hawthorn, and 250 Wild Cherry. The trees have all been planted with biodegradable tree-guards in a first for the Reserve.

The Ash Die Back work was sanctioned by Forestry England and the replanting is part of the clearance works. We were instructed by Forestry England on the trees which we have to replant including species and the density. This is worked out on a metric of what species are climate change resilient, as well as the soil type and tree species in the local area, but importantly all the trees need to be native to Britain.

This was a mammoth task and we wanted to say a huge thank you to all the staff and volunteers who have helped with this work.

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