Plastic recycling in the Horsham District

Published: 03 Jul 2023

Plastic recycling

Nearly all types of plastics can be recycled. However, the extent to which they are recycled depends upon a range of factors. Find out what can be recycled in the Horsham District.

Recycling the plastics we use (or better still buying less or going plastic free) is critical for protecting our environment and helping to minimise climate change.

Almost all plastics are made from chemicals that come from the production of fuels including gas, oil and even coal - so contributing to global warming. Plastic also remains in the environment for ages, threatening wildlife and spreading toxins.

There are several ways to recycle your plastics:

1. Through your blue top household recycling bin

Horsham District Council CAN recycle:
All plastic bottles can be recycled (INCLUDING the bottle tops  if they are attached to the bottles!) as well as all plastic pots e.g. yoghurt post, all plastic tubes e.g. ice cream, all plastic food trays e.g. food and meat, all plastic lids e.g. container and jar lids. Plastic bottle tops including trigger sprays, Tetra Pak, carton and milk bottle lids as long as they are attached to squashed empty bottles.

We CANNOT recycle:
Plastic films, plastic bags, crisp packets and wrappers, polystyrene, plastic toys or garden plastics.  hard plastics however can now be taken to your local recycling centre.

To check specific products that can/can't be recycled please see West Sussex County Council's Recycling A-Z guide

Looking for a handy reminder of what you can recycle in your blue top household recycling bin?
Order a free information sticker for your bin.

2. By taking your plastics to your local recycling centre.

If your blue top bin is already full, the recycling centre takes the same types of plastics that are recyclable in your home recycling bin.  Find your nearest recycling centre

3. Drop off other single use plastics at local collection points

Sussex Green Living work with a number of charities and companies, including TerraCycle, who recycle those hard-to-recycle plastics that you cannot recycle at home such as bottle tops, food pouches and plastic wrappers. This scheme helps divert unwanted household plastics from being discarded in our rubbish bins, recycling them to make new products.

Find your nearest drop off location in Horsham District and look for the TerraCycle posters to learn exactly what you can recycle.

NOTE: TescoSainsburys and the Co-op also now accept soft plastic packaging for recycling. More supermarket chains may also follow suit – ask at your local supermarket - and if they don’t, encourage them to start!

Visit your favourite supermarket website or check out the Recycling Locator tool on Recycle Now's website to help you find your nearest participating stores.   Find your nearest participating supermarket

Read some top tips for reducing your plastic waste, or going plastic free