Share your views on new EV chargepoint locations

Published: 20 Jul 2023

EV street chargepoints photo

Over the next decade the installation and maintenance of thousands of electric vehicle (EV) chargepoints will be taking place across West Sussex, and we are now seeking views on proposed locations for Phase 2 in this installation process.

Working in partnership with West Sussex County Council, Horsham District Council, neighbouring authorities and Connected Kerb, a leading infrastructure specialist, over 170 chargepoints have already been installed as part of Phase 1, with works on an additional 250 chargepoints in progress on residential streets and in car parks across the County.

Residents’ views are now being sought on the locations for Phase two. Homes within an approx. 250m radius of the proposed chargepoint sites have already been contacted for their views.

Feedback from our first sites have been taken into account to ensure that the proposed new parking arrangements will give more flexibility to those residents who need to park but who don’t yet have an EV.

This project is one of the largest ever single roll-outs of chargepoints by a local authority and will make on-street charging more accessible for residents without driveways, boosting our efforts to support sustainable transport and reduce emissions.

Share your views

To view the proposed locations please visit the Connected Kerb website for a detailed street view:

Residents can also email County’s project team with any questions:

Please share your thoughts on the proposed locations by 7 August 2023, after which the installations will be programmed for delivery.

Your questions answered

Why choose an electric vehicle?

EVs boast lower running and maintenance costs with an easier and more convenient drive. They are getting cheaper, with better range, and are supported by government grants and vehicle tax exemptions. Fewer emissions make them much better for the environment.

Will there be enough chargepoints for everyone?

There are plans to roll out a charging network in sufficient numbers which will help you make the switch to electric vehicles with confidence. The aim is to have a chargepoint within a few minutes of your home.

Who is funding the installation and maintenance of the chargepoints?

The contract with Connected Kerb is a 100% concession contract, meaning that West Sussex County Council and other partners are not required to contribute any funding towards this project. The partnership will seek to use funding from central government if and when available to support the installations of EV chargepoints across the county.

What energy will be used to power the chargepoints?

Renewable energy sources primarily from wind, solar and hydro (water) sources will power 100% green electricity supplied by Octopus Energy.

How do I find a chargepoint once they are installed?

You can download the Connected Kerb app via the Appstore or Google Play. You can also find them on Zap-Map ( by using the network filter.