We're reducing our carbon emissions in Horsham town centre

Published: 07 Aug 2023

Horsham District Council Cabinet Member Cllr Jay Mercer with some of the Recycling , Waste  and Street Cleansing crew

Our street cleansing vehicles for Horsham town centre will deliver a reduction in carbon emissions thanks to our new all-electric sweepers, replacing our previous diesel vehicles.

Our two highway sweepers have also been refurbished to run on hydro-treated vegetable oil; another initiative that will reduce our carbon emissions.

The Council’s Cabinet Member for Environmental Health, Recycling and Waste Cllr Jay Mercer, pictured here on the left, commented on the new fleet:

"Not only will they improve air quality, but they will also deliver a reduction in noise pollution which is especially important for residents in the town centre as they operate in the early hours of the morning.

“[This is] Another key step for us in achieving our vision for a greener, cleaner environment for the District."