Audit Report

The Community Link service has been accredited to the TSA (representative body for technology enabled care) for 8 years and is audited annually to review its service.

We are proud to announce, that after their complete 3 year TSA Quality Standards Framework audit, we have been found to be compliant in all areas of service delivery. The auditor stated that:

With the evidence provided and through discussions with the team, it is evident Community Link are committed to ensuring that the customer experience is at the centre of what they do.

There appears to be strong leadership within the Management Team, who have a proactive approach to quality assurance.

The Auditor found Community Link to be compliant with the quality standards in all aspects, finding no improvement needed in any areas. This is a great achievement from all of the team.

TSA Auditor, 2021

Read the latest Audit Report in the PDF below.

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