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Community Link Testimonials

The best people to tell you about our products are our customers. Here, real-life users of Community Link devices talk about what our service means to them.

Mr Seymour

It's wonderful that we have a service such as Community Link.

Mr. Seymour - Link and smoke alarm user

Clifford Seymour has been using our Lifeline Unit and smoke alarm for over 6 years to safe and independent in his own home. Here, he tells us more about his experience.

“I didn’t hear what was going on at all. The fire service got into my house using the Community Link key safe device outside. It was a shock seeing them in the house!

“People often say ‘I’m too young to have safety devices’, but that’s not true. When my previous neighbour moved in, I recommended she get an alarm but she didn’t get around to signing up. After collapsing one day at home she was moved into a nursing home and could not live in her own house here anymore. She lost her independence.”

Mrs McNeil

The tracker gives me the freedom to visit people and live my life as I want to live it

Mrs McNeil, Footprint user

Rita McNeil has been using our Footprint for over two years as a way to combat her asthma.

“I’m an asthma sufferer and never know when an attack can happen, so the tracker gives me the freedom to go out visiting and live my life as I want to live it, knowing that I can always be found if I get into difficulty. It makes me feel safe.

“I first used the Footprint tracker when I was outdoors walking in the countryside with a neighbour who uses a mobility scooter. We were in the middle of nowhere and she became stranded, but using the tracker we were able to raise the alarm and get people out to come to our aid.

"Before I had the tracker I didn’t feel confident about going out but now I am more confident. I am not isolated with this.”

Mrs Essex

You just feel safer and more secure in your own home. You only have to press the button and a friendly voice is with you straight away

Mrs Essex, Lifeline Unit user

Mrs Essex lives with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and has her Lifeline Unit with her in case of emergency.

”You just feel safer and more secure in your own home. You only have to press the button and a friendly voice is with you straight away.

“When I collapsed with pneumonia, my husband pressed the alarm and an ambulance arrived with paramedics within 15 minutes. The Community Link team organised everything.

“The team called us in the bad weather just to check if we were OK. We wouldn’t be without it.”

Mrs Green

"The experience was absolutely remarkable

Mrs Green, Virtual Reality for health user

Janet Green has used our virtual reality for health sessions several times to help improve her sleep and well-being during her treatment at Horsham hospital for POTS (Postural Tachycardia Syndrome).

"When I was giving birth I had issues with POTS (Postural Tachycardia Syndrome). And what that does is my blood pressure just drops and I collapse, anytime, anywhere, sometimes it happens three, four times a day."

"The best night I've had since I came [to the hospital] was nearly 4 hours sleep. I've been getting 1 and a half hours, 1 hour and 20 minutes, a good night is 1 hour and 45 minutes."

After expressing her interest in the Virtual Reality for Health service we organised a visit to see Janet in hospital so she could try the experience herself.

In the days after the session Janet felt "a tremendous feeling of well-being" saying "her body felt at peace". Usually Janet has between 1 and 2 hours sleep a night but after the experience she remarkably slept for a full uninterrupted 6 hours, allowing her to go without her mandatory doses of pain relief throughout the night. Janet concluded that "the experience was absolutely remarkable".