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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Latest information and advice for residents and businesses in Horsham District.

Visit our Coronavirus: Community support page to get in touch about volunteering or supporting your local community.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Community support

The community response during the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation has been amazing, with hundreds of individuals, groups and organisations coming forward on the ground, and through social media, to offer support: community spirit and resilience at its best.

It is clear that the most effective delivery mechanism for support lies in local neighbourhood groups responding to requests for support from their neighbours – local people helping local people. To support these efforts across the entire district, Horsham District Council are working closely with numerous groups including the Horsham Self Isolation Support (HSIS) Facebook groups, Parish Councils, Voluntary groups, Community Partnerships and hundreds of individuals.

The favoured system for providing sustainable support centres on local lead volunteers and community hubs.

What does a local lead volunteer do?

  • They circulate their contact details to a specified area via a leaflet drop to every household, providing people who need support a direct telephone number and those that wish to volunteer the opportunity to get involved.
  • They can then coordinate the volunteers that come forward to meet any support requests using a WhatsApp group or other means. This enables the load to be shared and coordinated in a neighbourhood and ensures cover if a key volunteer needs to self-isolate.

If you are interested in being a lead volunteer for your neighbourhood please contact

What is a community hub?

Horsham District Council is in the process of identifying a number of geographic ‘hubs’ which can:

  • provide support to local groups
  • link local groups with their neighbours and other organisations providing other services in their area.
  • Support requests that cannot be met by neighbouring groups can be escalated up to the hub coordinators and HDC liaison staff to address. These may need to be escalated further to the HDC central offices.

The hubs also provide HDC with a structure to ensure resources and relevant information can be shared quickly and efficiently across the district.

Can I still volunteer given the Government's latest advice?

Following the Government’s announcement on Monday 23 March, we should all only leave our homes for four reasons. One of these is to provide care or to help a vulnerable person. Read the full guidance on the government website.

Without your help, our most vulnerable people will struggle. If you are able to, please register with us to volunteer and help make essential deliveries to your elderly and vulnerable neighbours. If you are self-isolating, consider registering to help make friendly phone calls.

Can you volunteer? Get in touch

  • If you are a volunteer or want to volunteer, please get in touch with us so that we can pass on your details at a local level
  • If you have organised or are currently running a new informal local coronavirus (COVID-19) volunteer group, please get in touch so we have the group's details

Get in touch to volunteer

Do you know someone who is vulnerable?

  • If you are vulnerable or know of somebody who is vulnerable please let us know
  • We will also hold information on what services and support is available in your area

Let us know about a vulnerable person

To talk to a member of the team about volunteering, please call 01403 215230 or email

Download our community pack