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Coronavirus: Community support

The community response during the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation has been amazing, with hundreds of individuals, groups and organisations coming forward on the ground, and through social media, to offer support: community spirit and resilience at its best.

To support these efforts across the entire district, Horsham District Council, in partnership with existing and new organisations, volunteer and social media groups, has now established 27 Community Volunteer Hubs across the District.

The Hubs are manned by volunteers and give practical help such as going for shopping and medicines, and providing emotional support with a friendly phone call for those who are isolated at home.

Hubs are able to:

  • provide support to local groups
  • link local groups with their neighbours and other organisations providing other services in their area.
  • Support requests that cannot be met by neighbouring groups. These can be escalated up to the hub coordinators and HDC liaison staff to address. These may need to be escalated further to the HDC central offices.

The hubs also provide HDC with a structure to ensure resources and relevant information can be shared quickly and efficiently across the district.

As Horsham Town Centre is the largest area in the District with the highest population, the Council are managing the volunteer hub for the town directly in collaboration with other voluntary and community organisations.

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