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Council Tax

Apply for Council Tax Support

Council Tax Support is administered to help people on low income to pay their Council Tax.

We work with LGSS to provide our Council Tax and benefits service. Click the button below to apply for Council Tax Support on the LGSS website.

Apply for Council Tax Support

Please make sure that you provide the correct evidence with each application. Please see our required evidence page to see what we can accept.

Council Tax discounts

A number of discounts are available to help people pay their Council Tax. These include:

  • Single Person Discount
  • Discounts for carers and care workers
  • Disabled person reduction
  • Discounts for severely mentally impaired people and resident hospital patients

For a full list of Council Tax discounts, please visit the discounts page of the LGSS website.

Council Tax exemptions

Some properties are exempt from Council Tax. These include:

  • Properties left empty due to a person having gone to live in a care home
  • Properties left empty by a deceased payer

For a full list of Council Tax exemptions, please visit the Exemptions page of the LGSS website.