Council Tax Support, discounts, exemptions and premiums

Council Tax Support, discounts and exemptions are available to help people to pay their Council Tax.

Council Tax Support

You could be eligible for Council Tax Support if you are low income or claim benefits. To apply for Council Tax Support, visit our Apply for benefits page.


Use the drop-downs below to find out claiming Council Tax discounts.


Some properties are exempt from Council Tax.

Council Tax Premiums

Horsham District Council charges a premium on long-term empty dwellings. These are homes that have been unoccupied and unfurnished for at least one year. The one-year period starts from the date the property first became empty.

This premium is in addition to your normal Council Tax charge.

The premium charge was agreed by Council Members and was introduced to encourage bringing properties back into use.

Long term empty property criteria to additional Council Tax premiumsPercentage increase
Properties which remain empty for up to 1 yearNone
Properties which remain empty between 1 and 10 years100%
Properties which have remained empty for more than 10 years200%

The following dwellings will be exempt from the additional premium:

a) A dwelling which would be the sole or main residence of a person but which is empty whilst that person resides in accommodation provided by the Ministry of Defence by reason of their employment i.e. service personnel posted away from home; or

b) The dwelling which forms part of a single property which includes at least one other dwelling and is being used by a resident of that other dwelling i.e. an annexe; or

c) The dwelling is being actively marketed for sale

Cost of living support

Find information to help you with the cost of living, including charities who can help with food, fuel and mental wellbeing, on our Cost of living support page.