Comments and complaints

Complaints against councillors

If you believe a District, Parish or Neighbourhood Councillor within the Horsham District has breached their Code of Conduct you can submit a standards complaint to Horsham District Council’s Monitoring Officer. These standards complaints are dealt with under a separate procedure to the Council's complaints procedure.

Code of Conduct

All councillors agree to a Code of Conduct when they take up the role of district, parish or neighbourhood councillor in Horsham District.  The Horsham District Council’s Code of Conduct is detailed in the link below, together with LGA Guidance on the Code. Please consider these documents and the Code of Conduct Complaints procedure detailed below before making a complaint.

Read Horsham District Council's Code of Conduct

While the majority of Parish & Neighbourhood Councils have adopted the same as the Horsham District Council Code of Conduct they may have made amendments or adopted a different code to that linked above. Each Council has their own code which should be published on their website or you can contact your Parish or Neighbourhood Council's clerk to ensure your complaint is referring to the correct code.

Make a complaint

To make a complaint, use our online form. You will be asked to:

  • Confirm your name and address
  • Confirm the name of the Subject Member you believe has breached the relevant council’s Code of Members’ Conduct
  • Confirm which particular sections of the Code of Conduct they have breached
  • Attach supporting documents or evidence and confirm how they relate to the allegation

For full details of the process, read our Code of Conduct Complaints procedure

If you wish to make a Code of Conduct complaint online then please click below and follow the instructions

Make a complaint online

You can also download and print out a complaint form and send it to us at

Download and print a form:

Microsoft word version

PDF version

View previous Code of Conduct decisions

We publish the decision of the standards sub-committee on our website. All previous Decision Notices from 1st December 2021 will be published here: