Find your polling station

A polling station is a room or building where voting takes place.

Residents can only vote at their allocated polling station – this is to reduce electoral fraud.

Use our Polling Station Postcode Search to find your polling station. Click the button below and enter your postcode. Please check your poll card to ensure you attend the correct polling station.

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Opening hours and access information

All polling stations are open between 7am and 10pm on all election and referendum days. Votes can be cast between these hours.

To view disabled access information for all polling stations, visit our Arrangements for disabled voters page.

What does a polling card look like?

A polling card is an card sent in the post by Royal Mail. It will have your name, address and voter registration number on the right-hand side and the election information on the left-hand-side.

The address of your polling station will be printed on the front of your polling card, along with the date of the election and your ward name. Polling cards are sent out a month before an election.

A polling card shows your polling station address, ward details and election date