Apply for benefits

You can apply for

  • Council Tax Support
  • Housing Benefit
  • Second Adult Rebate (Pension Age customers only)

by using our online form. Click the button below to make a claim online.

Apply for benefits

Apply by email or post

To apply for benefits by email or post, download the PDF forms below and send them to:

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Required evidence

The following evidence will be required for you and your household, if applicable.

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If you do not have all your evidence

If you are unable to provide all the evidence needed to support your claim, please complete and return the form to us with what you have available. Let us know you will be sending in further information later – this will stop your claim from being delayed.

Normally we allow up to one month to send in everything required.

Make a claim for backdated benefits

If you would like to make a claim for backdated benefit, you must put your request in writing.

Generally, when you make a new claim for Housing and/or Council Tax Support we can pay from the Monday following the date we received your claim. In some cases, we can pay benefit from an earlier date, this is called backdating.

Claims for housing benefit can only be backdated for 1 month for working age claimants. Pensioner claims can be backdated for up to 3 months.

Claims for Council Tax Support can be backdated up to 6 months.

Good cause must be shown in all cases.

You can email your request for backdating to  You must include:

  • the date you wish your claim to be backdated to
  • your reasons for not making your application at the correct time
  • evidence to support your request, if appropriate