Benefits and support

Check your eligibility for benefits

Use our calculator to check what support you could receive

Apply for benefits

How to apply for benefits, required evidence and making a claim for backdated benefits

Local Housing Allowance Rates

How much you will be paid to cover your housing

Discretionary Housing Payments (DHPs)

DHPs are extra payments awarded in situations where there is considered to be severe financial difficulty

Universal Credit

Apply for Universal Credit, a monthly payment for people of working age on a low income

Tell us about a change in your circumstances

What to do if you move house or your income or household changes

Appeal a benefits decision

If you believe an application decision is wrong, then you can appeal that decision

Benefit overpayments

When more housing benefit or Council Tax Support is given than you are entitled to

Report benefit fraud

How to report someone you think is committing benefit fraud

Deductions for non-dependants

How having someone living with you could affect your claim