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Freedom of Information requests

Submit a Freedom of Information Request

If your request relates to roads, pavements, traffic management, education, social care or libraries, you should make your request to West Sussex County Council. You can do this below.

Make a request to West Sussex County Council relating to roads, education, social care or libraries

To make a request to Horsham District Council, please email

Alternatively, use our FOI request online form or write to our Information Governance Officer, Horsham District Council, Parkside, Chart Way, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 1RL

Requests should include:

  • your name
  • an address to contact you
  • a clear description of the information you want

We will reply to you within 20 working days of receipt of your application. If we can't give you some of the information you've asked for, we'll tell you why.

To find out more about your rights under the Freedom of Information Act, go to the Information Commissioner's Office website.

Committee agendas and minutes are available to view free of charge on this website.

How much does a request cost?

We want to make as much information as possible available free of charge.  However, some publications have a cover charge. Where photocopies of documents are required, these will be charged for.

If you are requesting information which exceeds the appropriate limit (currently £450, which is 18 hours work) we are entitled to make a charge that includes the costs of locating the information, retrieving the information, extracting the information from a document containing it, informing you whether we hold the information and communicating the information to you prior to complying with your request. Alternatively we may refuse the request.

We will tell you as early as possible if the request is likely to exceed £450 so that you have the option to adjust your request to bring it under this limit.

Photocopying and printing

We may charge for photocopying, printing and postage We will tell you as early as possible if any charge is payable. Any charges must be paid before the information being sent.  If we have not received payment within 90 days we will close your request.

10p per A4 or A3 black and white or colour sheet.

For Planning enquiries, this fee applies to Planning Decision Notices, Section 106 Agreements, TPOs, Enforcement Notices, and Article 4 Directions.

Horsham Museum charges

Charges for copying original items e.g. historical documents and photographs, including professional handling of delicate objects and photographic quality paper where required:

Photocopy up to A4 £10 per copy
Photocopy A3 £15
Photocopy larger that A3 cost + £15
Photograph (if done by customer) no charge
Digital image scanned to email £15 per image
Digital image saved to disk/CD £16 per image

If the image is to be used for commercial reasons cost is £50 per image.

You can ask for an internal review of our decision by contacting the Information Governance Officer. Write to Horsham District Council, Parkside, Chart Way, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 1RL or email