Domestic heating oil safety

Every year we deal with leaks, losses and spills from domestic heating oil tanks. These leaks are damaging to the environment and may be a serious health risk to people.

We want to reduce the number of incidents where people and the environment are put at risk. If you use oil to heat your home, you can help us by checking your oil tank and feed pipe regularly, and ensuring you keep the following questions in mind:

  • Do you know how much heating oil you are using?
  • Did you have to order your oil earlier than expected?
  • Are you using more oil than usual?
  • When did you last check your oil tank and oil pipe for leaks?
  • Does your insurance cover you against costs of cleaning up an accidental loss of heating oil?

Oil leaks can be due to the tanks being old and damaged or there are problems with the feed pipes that carry the oil from the tank to the house. Often problems occur after the oil tank has been topped up ready for winter.

The Environment Agency provides more information on the safe storage of heating oil. Read their guide to storing oil at home.