Housing standards

Gas safety

Information for landlords

As a landlord who lets a property equipped with gas appliances, you have three main legal duties towards your tenants:

  • Ensure the maintenance of pipework, appliance and chimney/flues. This includes servicing
  • Organise annual gas safety checks on appliances and flues by a qualified gas safe registered engineer
  • Provide a record of the annual gas safety check to your tenants

If you let a property for a short period of time (eg a holiday home for a week) you still have gas safety responsibilities.

Visit the Gas Safe Register website for more details.

Information for tenants and owner/occupiers

Faulty gas appliances or pipework, or blocked chimneys can be life-threatening.

If you are a tenant of a rented property, your landlord must arrange gas safety checks annually. You should be provided with a copy of the record within 28 days of inspection if you already live there, and you should be shown the latest record when you move in.

If you are a homeowner and a Gas Safe registered engineer installs a heat-producing gas appliance in your property you should be sent a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate.

Find a registered Gas Safe business

If you need gas work done in your home, use the Gas Safe Register search tool to find a registered business. Remember to check their ID before the work is carried out.