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Dangerous wild animal licence conditions

This schedule of conditions relates to a dangerous wild animals licence.

1. While any animal is being kept under the authority of the licence:

  • a) the animals shall be kept by no person other than the person or person specified above;
  • b) the animals shall normally be held at such premises as are specified above;
  • c) the animals shall not be moved from those premises except in the following circumstances, namely, The said animals must not be moved from the premises without the prior written approval of the Council, except where the movement is to a licensed slaughterhouse capable of receiving such an animal, the address of which has been notified to the Council.
  • d) the person to whom the licence is granted shall hold a current insurance policy which insures him and any other person entitled to keep the animals under the authority of the licence against liability for any damage which may be caused by the animal, the terms of such policy being satisfactory in the opinion of the authority.

2. The said animals must be kept in the accommodation and enclosures inspected by the Council’s veterinary officer, and approved by this Authority, and described in the Second Schedule hereto, such accommodation and enclosure fences, gates, and locking devices to be kept in good order, condition and repair.

3. The accommodation and enclosures must be kept securely locked at all times except for feeding and management purposes and the person to whom the licence is granted shall take all reasonable precautions to ensure that the animals do not escape.

4. The Horsham District Council and the Police must be notified immediately in the event of any of the animals escaping.

5. The animals must be supplied with suitable food and water.

6. Suitable and adequate bedding material must be provided in each enclosure.

7. The vehicle used for transportation must be secure, of a suitable size and construction, and properly maintained.

8. This licence is not transferable.