Caravan and camping licences

Caravan site licences

There are three main types of caravan site licence: permanent residential, holiday static and holiday touring.

Permanent residential site

  • The licence holder owns the site and mobile home owners lease a pitch. Some sites have mobile homes to rent as well.
  • There is a fee for permanent residential caravan sites. The fee depends on the number of units on the site.
  • An £80 Park Rules deposit must be paid to the local authority
  • Read the current permanent residential site terms and conditions

Permanent residential licence fees

The permanent residential licence fees are set out in the table below. There are four price bands, named Band A-D. The band your application is in is decided by how many units you have on site.

Number of units 1-5 (Band A) 6-24 (Band B) 25-99 (Band C) 100+ (Band D)
New application £337 (single and family
sites of 5 or fewer exempt)
£494 £556 £633
Transfer of site licence £75 £176 £176 £176
Variation of site licence £68 £176 £176 £176
Annual Fee £147 (single and family
sites of 5 or fewer exempt)
£178 £211 £325

Deposit of Park Rules with Local Authority


Within permanent residential sites, there are separate terms and conditions for pre-2008 permanent sites and single-use permanent residential sites.

Holiday static caravan site

Holiday touring site

Apply for a caravan site licence

To apply for a caravan site licence, you need to complete the following steps:

  • Contact the planning department to confirm if you need planning permission
  • If you are applying for a permanent residential caravan site licence, there will be a fee. Calculate your fee using our Fees table,  then contact to organize paying your fee.
  • Sign in or Sing up to our citizen portal and complete the relevant caravan site licence application (This can be selected from "request new licence" in the menu). You will need to include details of waste disposal and tell us the number of caravans proposed to be on the site at any one time.
  • Attach a layout plan at a scale of 1:500 of the proposed site. This can be a photograph or a scan, and must show all of the features required by the licence conditions. Please call us on 01403 215405 or email if you require more details.

Apply for a caravan site licence

Once you have applied, we will usually issue the licence automatically along with any conditions you will need to meet. If you have not heard from us within two months of applying, please contact us and do not assume your application has been granted.

Transfer a licence

If a site licence holder ceases to be the occupier of the land, they may, with the local authority's consent, transfer the licence to the person who becomes the occupier of the land. The new owner needs to apply for the transfer.

In the case of permanent residential sites, there is a charge and we carry out checks before granting the transfer.

To apply for a site transfer, please call us on 01403 215641 or email