Licence conditions for street trading licences

The following schedule of licence conditions apply to street trading licences in Horsham District.

(a) The consent holder shall only trade from a van, cart, barrow, vehicle or portable stall approved by the Council in writing.

(b) The consent holder must comply with any specifications in the consent regarding the size and location of any van, cart, barrow, vehicle or portable stall permitted to be used.

(c) The consent holder shall maintain any van, cart, barrow, vehicle or portable stall used in a clean state and its structure shall be kept in good order, repair and condition.

(d) The consent holder shall trade only between times and during periods specified in the consent.

(e) The consent holder shall conduct his business in such a manner as to ensure that he or his customers do not;

  • (i) cause a nuisance to occupiers of nearby properties;
  • (ii) cause an obstruction to vehicles or pedestrians in the street;
  • (iii) cause a danger to occupiers of nearby properties or to other users of the street.

(f) Refuse storage must be provided adjacent to the sales area. The storage must be of substantial construction, waterproof and animal proof. Refuse must be removed to an approved disposal area at the end of each working day or when the storage container is full, whichever is sooner.

(g) A copy of the consent, suitably protected against the weather, shall be displayed in a prominent position on the stall, vehicle etc at all times when trading is taking place.

(h) No process or operation shall be carried on which would give rise to a nuisance by reason of noise, vibration, smoke, smell or effluvia.

(i) Nothing in the consent shall purport to grant to the holder any other licence or permission required under any other enactment or requirement and the holder is specifically advised to obtain such other permission or approval as may be required.

(j) With effect from 1st July, 1995, the holder of any consent permitting the sale of food for immediate consumption shall provide adequate sanitary accommodation and washing facilities for customers' and operators' use. This requirement shall not apply to consents issued for the sale of fresh fruit and vegetables only.

(k) The consent holder is responsible for keeping the layby and adjoining verges in a clean and tidy condition and for the removal of ALL litter therefrom.

(l) The external appearance of any vehicle, stall etc shall be maintained in a condition satisfactory to the Council.

(m) No vehicle, stall etc shall be provided with tables and chairs for customers' use outside of the vehicle, stall etc, without the specific written approval of the Council. The number of persons permitted within a vehicle, stall etc at any time shall not exceed that specified by the Council's Chief Environmental Health Officer, having regard to the size of the unit. Smoking is not permitted inside such a unit.

(n) The consent holder will take out public liability insurance against risk of accident or injury resulting from his trading operation.

(o) The consent holder may not assign his consent to any other person.

(p) Any other condition required by Horsham District Council, West Sussex County Council or the Police.

(q) The consent holder shall ensure that he has any necessary permissions under planning legislation to site the stall.

(r) No signs shall be erected without the permission of the Highway Authority.