Street trading and charity collections

Street trading licences

Street trading is selling items in the street, including hot and cold food.

If you sell food you will need to register your food business with us as well as applying for a street trading licence.

You do not need a street trading licence if:

  • You are trading as part of a market
  • You are selling newspapers or periodicals
  • You are trading on private land
  • You are trading as a pedlar (pedlar’s licences are issued by the Police Authority)
  • All your proceeds are for charity. If this is the case you will need a Street collection licence

Street trading locations

We have a list of approved streets in the District where street trading is permitted. There are a  few  pitches  available  at  the  moment.

These  are  located on  Consent  Streets  which  will  have  an  annual  fee  of  £882.  if you wish to apply for a licence you will be added to a waiting list. If you wish to be added to the waiting list please contact the Licensing Department on

There are also streets around the District that you do not need a permit to trade on. For clarification on this, please contact the Licensing Department on

Read the licence terms and conditions

Street trading licence fees

Licence typeFee
Annual consent £882
Consent for special occasions £57

Trading in rural car parks

Trading in the rural car parks that are owned by the council is dealt with by our Properties Department. They issue permits for trading in these car parks on days and evenings to be agreed by them. However, you would not be able to keep your stand, stall or catering unit there permanently.

If you would like to apply for a permit then please contact the Properties Department on 01403 215100.

Trading at Horsham District markets

If you would be interested in trading at a Horsham District market then you would need to contact the companies that run them.

Contact a market

Please call our Licensing team on 01403 215407 for general enquiries.