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Council boost to local start-up businesses

Start up local

29 Mar 2021

Start-Up Local is a new initiative by Horsham District Council to support residents and business entrepreneurs who have recently started or might be considering starting up their own business.

A set of online resources providing guidance and signposting to many aspects of start-up business support have been freshly collated and can be accessed on the Council's website.

The web resources include access to both Council and external funding and skills development programmes, featuring the Council’s own Local Enterprise and Apprenticeship Programme (LEAP) small business grant scheme which has recently re-opened with a focus on new and start-up businesses.

Supporting start-ups is an ongoing part of the Council’s economic development agenda but is especially relevant now as part of its expanded Journey to Work programme of support for those newly unemployed or wanting to seek a change of occupation.

Future related projects planned for later this year include a Pop Up Shop facility in Horsham to help small independent businesses gain experience of high street trading and further skills development programmes.

The Council is also set to support the launch of a new market in Henfield in addition to the two weekly markets in Horsham, all providing opportunities for new and small businesses to trade.