Electric cars and charging points

The number of electric vehicles on the road is increasing, and we’re working hard to make sure there are charging points across Horsham District.

Electric vehicle charging points at Piries Place car park

Piries Place car park has 8 electric vehicle charging points. You will need to register for Polar Network before you use them.

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Rapid charge points in our car parks

Cars can be charged and ready to go in 20 minutes at our rapid charge points. These points cost 30p per kilowatt with a minimum charge of £1.50.

Click the name of the car park below for more details, including prices and location.

Car park Number of rapid charge points
Storrington Library car park 2
Billingshurst Six Bells car park 1

Find charge points in privately owned car parks

Use Zap Map to find charging points in private car parks - for example, there are two in Horsham’s Waitrose and John Lewis Home car park - and outside Horsham District.

Install an electric charging point at home

The Government Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) is offering grant fund towards the cost of installing charging points at home or in the workplace.

Find out more about electric charging points on Gov.uk