Horsham on-street parking permit terms and conditions

Last updated: 5 October 2022

These terms and conditions apply to on-street parking permits for the Horsham Controlled Parking Zone.

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Resident permits

Resident permits are available to a person whose usual place of principal residence is within the Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ). A person who does not regularly live at those premises as a full-time resident does not qualify, irrespective of his interest in the premises.

When you apply you will be required to confirm that you spend at least 4 days and nights at the address per week and do not have adequate off-street parking spaces.

All permits are assigned to vehicles, not drivers or properties. If you move house or change vehicle, please see the advice below.

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Change of vehicle

When a vehicle is changed please bring the current permit for replacement and proof of new vehicle ownership to our Parkside office, on Chart Way. A new permit will be issued to you immediately.

In the event of a short term change of vehicle, such as a loan vehicle from a garage, full details of the temporary vehicle must be given to the Parking Services Team immediately. Email us at

Moving house

If you move into the permit zone, you will not be guaranteed a resident parking permit. You will not inherit the previous owner’s permit, even if they leave the zone.

If you move house within your zone and keep the same vehicle, you can take your permit with you. To change your vehicle, check the advice above.

If you move out of the parking zone, please return your permit to us to be refunded so we can allocate it to the next person on the waiting list.

Non-resident permits

Non-resident permits are available in very limited numbers. Please email to check availability before you apply.

Healthcare permits

Healthcare parking permits are available to eligible medical staff and associated care personnel who need to visit patients at homes within the CPZ.

The permit will only be valid for a maximum of 2 hours in a permit holder bay(s) or shared use bays, not on yellow lines, taxi ranks, loading, limited waiting or disabled bays.

A letter of confirmation should be provided that can demonstrate a permit is essential to carrying out their duties.

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