On-street parking

Horsham on-street parking permits

On-street parking permits for roads within the Horsham Controlled Parking Zone are available for residents, non-residents, visitors and healthcare workers who wish to park there. Reduced prices are available for low emissions vehicles.

Zone boundaries and hours of operation

Permit prices

Buy a permit

Excluded properties that do not qualify for permits

Zone boundaries and hours operation

View the zone boundaries on the map below. The purple areas on the map indicate Pay and Display parking bays.

Zone A (Yellow)

  • 9am–9pm Monday-Saturday

Zone B (Green)

  • 10am-12pm Monday-Saturday

Zone C (Pink)

  • 2pm-4pm Monday-Saturday

Zone D (Blue)

  • 8am-10am Monday-Saturday

Zone E (Orange)

  • 10am-12pm Monday-Saturday

Zone F (Brown)

  • 2pm – 4pm Monday Saturday

Permit prices

Resident permits

  • First resident permit: £51 for one year, £27 for six months
  • First resident permit, low emissions vehicle: £39 for one year, £21 for six months
  • Additional resident permit: £102 for one year, £54 for six months
  • Additional resident permit, low emissions vehicle: £77 for one year, £41for six months
  • First Disabled resident permit: Free

Healthcare permit

  • £25

Visitor and non-resident permits

  • Visitor permits: 50p for a 2 hour permit (available in books of 10 for £5.00); £3.00 for a day permit (Zone A); £15.00 for a book of five (Zone A)
  • Non-resident permits: £308 for one year; £162 for six months
  • Non-resident permit, low emissions vehicle: £211 for one year; £111 for six months

Buy a permit

Buy a resident permit

To buy a resident permit for a road within the Horsham Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) you need to complete the following steps:

  • Check which zone the road is in using the map below
  • Read the terms and conditions of the on-street parking permit
  • Fill out the online form
  • Click Print. The form will be generated as a PDF and you can at this stage either print it out to post to us, or download the PDF to email to us.
  • Return your form, payment, a copy of proof of vehicle ownership (eg insurance document, V5C vehicle registration certificate (inner-left page containing vehicle details), or company letter if vehicle owned by employer) and a copy of proof of address (eg utility bill, council tax bill, rental agreement or mortgage statement) to Parking Services Team, Horsham District Council, Parkside, Chart Way, Horsham, West Sussex RH12 1RL. You can also email attachments of these documents to parking@horsham.gov.uk
  • If you are applying for Zone A, B, C, D, E or F by post, please include payment made out to Horsham District Council. We can also take payment over the phone.

Buy a resident parking permit

Buy a visitor permit

There are two types of visitor permit: two-hour permits and daily permits. Visitor permits are to be used by genuine visitors, not commuters, local staff or business owners.

  • Two-hour permits cost 50p each and are valid for two hours. You can buy a book of ten for £5.00
  • Daily permits cost £3.00 each and are valid all day in Zone A. You can buy a book of five for £15.00

To purchase visitor permits, please call us on 01403 215379 and they can be sent out, or visit our reception at Parkside.

If buying on behalf of a resident, please provide a current utility bill and letter of authority from the resident.

Visitor permits should only be used by visitors to residents living within the resident parking zone. Visitors can of course also use pay and display machines.

Apply for a non-resident permit

Non-resident permits are available in very limited numbers for £308 each per year or £162 for six months. If your vehicle is low emission, you can buy a one-year non-resident permit for £211 or a six month one for £111.

We do not issue non-resident permits for Zone A.

Please email Parking Services at parking@horsham.gov.uk to check availability before you apply.

Apply for a non-resident parking permit

Excluded properties in Horsham parking zones

Zone A: Alden Court, Barnes Mews, Burtons Court, Hewells Court, Pelham Court, Bishopric Court,  Waverley Court, Barrington Court, King’s Gate, Rhodes Court, Farriers Court, Linden House, Holmes Park, Precision Court, Home Farm House, Portland Yard Bishopric, The Paperyard Albion Way/Worthing Road, Sussex House

Zone B: Springfield Park, Springfield Park Gate, Lynwood Court, Trinity Court

Zone C: Hurst Park, Northbrook Court

Zone D: Cotswold Court, Dairy Court, Dorset Court, Kent Court, Hampshire Court, Surrey Court, Standings Court, 187-195 New Street, Oaklands, Rangers Lodge, Winterton Square, Century House, Crusoe Court, Gatland House

Zone E: East Gate Mews, Jarratt Court, Parade Court, Cherry Court, Owen Court (visitor permits only), The Gorings, Harrington House, Normandy Gardens, Bakery Mews, Victoria Court, Trinity Square, Amberley House, Bridges Place

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