Green Space Strategy

Our Green Space Strategy sets out the standards we aspire to for our parks and open spaces in Horsham District. It provides a focus for the management and improvement of space and focuses on publicly accessible areas that we own.

Our vision is to provide, protect and enhance a publicly accessible network of diverse and quality green spaces that meet the need of our community

Green Space Strategy 2013-23

The document sets out how we plan to achieve seven core aims:

  • Provide and maintain quality green spaces in appropriate locations, which are protected for future generations
  • Ensure our green spaces are clean, safe and non-threatening
  • Encourage local people to use our green spaces to benefit their health and wellbeing
  • Maximise the income potential of our green space assets
  • Support, encourage and mentor voluntary groups
  • Enhance the wildlife conservation value of our green spaces
  • Deliver excellent value and high performance while keeping the customer at the heart of what we do

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