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Coronavirus (COVID-19): Latest information and advice for residents and businesses in Horsham District.

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Read a summary of the Draft Local Plan

We have now completed a series of Local Plan drop-in events that took place around the District. However, for those who were not able to attend one of these events, we have published the panels from the exhibition here. These PDF panels are also a useful summary of the key issues in the Local Plan.

To view and comment on the full Draft Local Plan, please visit the Regulation 18 Draft Local Plan Consultation page.

There is a panel for each of the nine strategic sites that are being considered as possible development sites in the Local Plan.

Land at Adversane

Land East of Billingshurst

Land West of Billingshurst

Land at Buck Barn West Grinstead

Land West of Crawley (Rusper)

Land at Kingsfold, Warnham (North Horsham)

Land North East of Henfield (Mayfield)

Land at Rookwood, Horsham

Land West of Southwater

An introduction to the Local Plan

An introduction to Housing allocations

Summaries of each large-scale strategic site