Local Plan review timetable

Wednesday 27 October 2021: Delay to Horsham District Local Plan process

The meeting of full Council to approve the Regulation 19, Pre-Submission Horsham District Local Plan document, has been postponed.

This followed the Government's announcement of changes to the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) on Tuesday 20 July. Subsequent to this, Natural England – the national statutory body that oversees the management of wildlife and habitats across the UK – issued a Position Statement in September 2021. This advises that development proposals in the Sussex North Water Supply Zone should not be allowed at present, unless water neutrality can be demonstrated. This is due to a potential significant impact on rare habitats in the Arun Valley, near Pulborough. Further information can be found at our water neutrality webpage.

These changes have significant implications on the Horsham District Local Plan.

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The formal Local Plan timetable is set out in the Local Development Scheme. This document sets out the production timetable for the planning documents we will be publishing over the next two years. It is reviewed on a regular basis to take account of changes to our anticipated Local Plan preparation timetable.

For a more detailed explanation of each stage of the Local Plan, or how we consult please visit our What is a Local Plan? page and our Statement of Community Involvement documents.

DateStages Undertaken To Date
6 April-22 May 2018Publish Issues and Options
May 2019-January 2020 Evidence Gathering
February-March 2020 Regulation 18: Public Consultation on Draft Plan