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Local Plan review timetable

The timetable for our Local Plan review is set out below giving the key dates and consultation periods.

The lockdown measures imposed to address Covid-19 have delayed our progress on the Local Plan as key stakeholders such as the NHS and WSCC have focused on the immediate priorities of the pandemic. It is also vital that we understand the implications of the pandemic on our local economy and address this in our Plan.

This means we are undertaking a detailed review of our current Local Development Scheme but our current estimated timescale is set out below.

For a more detailed explanation of each stage of the Local Plan, or how we consult please visit our What is a Local Plan? page and our Statement of Community Involvement documents.

May 2019-January 2020 Evidence Gathering
February-March 2020 Regulation 18: Public Consultation on Draft Plan
April-December 2020 Regulation 19: Preparation of Proposed Submission Documents
January to February 2021 Regulation 19: Proposed submission and period for representation
April-May 2021 Submission of Draft Plan
July-September 2021 Local Plan Examination process by the Government Inspector
December 2021 - January 2022 Post-Examination Plan Modifications
March 2022 Inspector's Report
April 2022 Adoption of the Local Plan