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Regulation 18 Draft Local Plan Consultation

Coronavirus COVID-19 update:

Media release 27 March 2020: Horsham District Council asks Government to pause its Local Plan process

At this time there has been no change to the Government’s requirements for Local Plan preparation. This includes a legal requirement to review Local Plans every 5 years.  Although we will be discussing the possible impacts of the Covid -19 situation with the Government on Local Plan preparation, our current Local Plan will reach five years of age in November when our annual housing target will increase to 965 homes each year.  It is therefore important that we continue to prepare the Local Plan to existing timeframes in order to meet our legal requirements.

Our Strategic Planning team will be continuing their work on preparing a new Local Plan for the Horsham District, and the Local Plan Consultation (Regulation 18) will continue as planned until the closing date of 30 March 2020.  All our advertised consultation events were completed before social distancing measures became necessary, and our Local Plan documentation and exhibition materials are still able to view on our website.   There is no change to the availability of officers in Strategic Planning to discuss queries or concerns about the consultation process by telephone or email.   Copies of the Local Plan also remain available for purchase.


Consultation on the Draft Local Plan is now open and will end at 5pm on 30 March 2020. During this period you can comment on any aspect of the Draft Local Plan, including potential development sites.

Horsham District Council is required by Government to provide for an unprecedented increase in the number of homes in the District. This is a huge challenge for the council.

The current Draft Local Plan is for consultation purposes only. This means that it does not represent Council policy, and won’t yet have any significant bearing on decisions made on planning applications.

It is important to note that although potential sites are listed in the draft consultation document, no choices have yet been made. The decisions of the Council on the sites eventually to be allocated will depend on the feedback we receive during this consultation.

In particular, there are a number of potential sites listed in the document, but it is anticipated that only some of these will ultimately be allocated for development.

Without a new Local Plan we could find ourselves unable to resist unacceptable development or find refused applications being granted on appeal. This could result in unplanned development in unsustainable locations.

Your involvement in this process is very important to us.
Click the button below to view and comment on the Draft Local Plan online.

  • Click the button below to open the consultation homepage
  • Click 'Respond by making comments on the consultation document'
  • The Draft Local Plan will open, and you will be able to Add comments.

In order to comment on the Local Plan, you must be registered on our database. Register for our database online.

View and comment

Read a summary of the Draft Local Plan key issues

Local Plan Review evidence base

Your comments may be made available for the public to read in council offices and online as part of the Local Plan preparation process. Please note that we cannot accept anonymous comments or comments marked ‘private’ or ‘confidential’.

Please be aware that your name may be published against comments you have submitted. Your contact details will be used to notify you of later stages of consultation relevant to the Horsham District Local Plan Review. All personal information will be processed in accordance with the Horsham District Council’s Privacy statement.

Anonymous representations will not be accepted and no inappropriate, derogatory or discriminatory comments should be made regarding an individual or a collective group of individuals. Any such submissions may be reported to relevant authorities and/or will be destroyed.

View a paper copy

News update: 17 March 2020
Following the latest government advice on the Corona Virus (COVID-19), all libraries in West Sussex are now closed until further notice. However copies of the Draft Local Plan can still  be viewed at the Council offices, Parkside, Chart Way, Horsham, RH12 1RL (between 9 am and 5 pm on weekdays).  Copies are also held by all District Parish Councils who may be in a position to make copies available to view, but please contact your parish council directly.

All responses should be returned by 5pm on Monday 30 March 2020.

Anonymous representations will not be accepted and no inappropriate, derogatory or discriminatory comments should be made regarding an individual or a collective group of individuals. Any comments made of this nature will be disregarded.

Request a comments form

If you are unable to comment online, we can send you a comment form by email or by post. Please email or call 01403 215100.

Making formal comments and representations

When you submit your comment about the Local Plan, it is important that you do so in a way that means the Planning team can use it. Below is some advice to help you.

  • Clearly identify the issue you are talking about. You should refer to the relevant policy number or part of the plan.
  • If you are objecting, it would help if you could clearly state what you would like to see changed and suggest an alternative.
  • Relate your comment to planning issues.
  • As far as possible, support your comment with evidence.
  • Any comments you make will be public information. For this reason, please avoid using personal details or photographs.