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Regulation 18 Draft Local Plan Consultation

We consulted on the Regulation 18 Draft Local Plan between 17 February and 30 March 2020.
View the Draft Local Plan document online here.

The consultation has now closed.

We have received thousands of comments from individuals and organisations.  An initial report on the findings of the consultation can be found online here. Read the interim report.

As stated in the report, it is important to be aware that whilst the comments received will lead to further work being undertaken as we continue the process of Local Plan preparation, this will arise from the planning issues which were raised during the consultation and not as a result of the number of comments or the level of objection or support for a particular policy, allocation or housing target.

Once comments have been considered and the draft Plan has been further refined, we will consult on the final Submission Draft of the Local Plan (Regulation 19) in Autumn/Winter 2020, aiming for a Government inspector to examine it in 2021.

For further information about the stages of Local Plan preparation and the currently proposed timescales for this to take place, visit our Local Plan timetable page.

I’ve submitted my comment online - what happens next?

Officers will review each comment and will extract the key issues raised during the consultation. A comprehensive consultation report will be produced following completion of this process.

The findings of the consultation, alongside evidence based documents, will then be taken into account as we prepare the final draft of the Local Plan, ready for submission for further consultation (Regulation 19). The comments received are an important part of the Local Plan process and we are very grateful for all those who submitted comments.

Will my comments be made public?

Comments received are being made public online here.

This is a rolling, manual process to ensure we comply with data protection legislation. This means not all comments are currently available to view.  If you do not currently see your comment, please be assured that it will be made public as soon as it is processed and we are working as fast as we can to complete this process.

Comments from the public submitted by email or letter have not yet been uploaded into the system but will be in due course.Please note that we could not accept anonymous comments or comments marked ‘private’ or ‘confidential’.

Please be aware that your name will be published against comments you have submitted. All personal information will be processed in accordance with the Horsham District Council’s Privacy Policy

Are there instances when comments may not be accepted by the Council?

The Council did not accept comments which may reasonably be considered offensive, racist, discriminatory or threatening. Any such submissions may be reported to relevant authorities and/or will be destroyed.

How can I stay informed about the Horsham District Local Plan?

You can sign up here to register for updates.

I have some questions about the consultation. How can I contact you?

The consultation has now ended. We’d encourage you to read the information on our website as this may answer your question.  If you still have any questions regarding the consultation or the Local Plan in general, please contact the Strategic Planning Team by emailing or calling 01403 215100

Coronavirus COVID-19 update

Media release 27 March 2020: Horsham District Council asks Government to pause its Local Plan process

At this time there has been no change to the Government’s requirements for Local Plan preparation. This includes a legal requirement to review Local Plans every 5 years.  Although we will be discussing the possible impacts of the Covid -19 situation with the Government on Local Plan preparation, our current Local Plan will reach five years of age in November when our annual housing target will increase to 965 homes each year.  It is therefore important that we continue to prepare the Local Plan to existing timeframes in order to meet our legal requirements.

Our Strategic Planning team will be continuing their work on preparing a new Local Plan for the Horsham District.  All our advertised consultation events were completed before social distancing measures became necessary, and our Local Plan documentation and exhibition materials are still able to view on our website.   There is no change to the availability of officers in Strategic Planning to discuss queries or concerns by telephone or email.   Copies of the Local Plan also remain available for purchase.


About the Local Plan process

Horsham District Council is required by Government to provide for an unprecedented increase in the number of homes in the District. This is a huge challenge for the council.

The current Draft Local Plan which is currently being developed does not represent Council policy, and won’t yet have any significant bearing on decisions made on planning applications.

It is important to note that although potential sites are listed in the Draft Local Plan (Regulation 18) document, no choices have yet been made. The decisions of the Council on the sites eventually to be allocated will depend on the feedback we received during this period.

In particular, there are a number of potential sites listed in the document, but it is anticipated that only some of these will ultimately be allocated for development.

Without a new Local Plan we could find ourselves unable to resist unacceptable development or find refused applications being granted on appeal. This could result in unplanned development in unsustainable locations.

The Regulation 18 Consultation on the Draft Local Plan has now closed. But you can still read the documents by clicking the link below.

View the Draft Local Plan

Read a summary of the Draft Local Plan key issues

Local Plan Review evidence base