Ashington neighbourhood planning

The Ashington Neighbourhood Plan was formally made at Full Council on 23 June 2021.

Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

A referendum was held for Ashington's Neighbourhood Plan on Thursday 6 May 2021.

View the referendum results on our Election results page.

Please click on the links below to read documents associated with the Referendum:

Covid-19 measures

With COVID-19, Horsham District Council has reviewed its protocols regarding referendums. In order to progress safely we have made a decision that if you are not able to view the relevant documents online, hard copies of the Neighbourhood Plan and associated documents will be viewed by appointment only at Parish Council offices and at the District Council offices. Details of the location for these are given in the Information Statement above.

Ashington Neighbourhood Plan Examination

Independent examiner David Hogger was commissioned to undertake the examination of the Ashington Neighbourhood Plan. The examiner underwent unaccompanied site visits of the plan area on the 18 Jan 2021 and was issued all Reg 16 representations in full. The Examiner has published his Report and can be found below:

Ashington Neighbourhood Plan Examiner's Report (9 March 2021)

Examiner's Ashington Procedural Matters and Questions (14 January 2021)

Statement of Common Ground Between HDC, WSCC, APC and the landowner regarding potential school expansion

Horsham District Council's Response to the Examiner's Questions (4 Feb 2021)

Appendix A to HDC Submission (4 Feb 2021)

Ashington Parish Council's Response to the Examiner's Questions (4 Feb 2021)

WSCC Response to the Examiner's Questions (4 Feb 2021)

Representations to the Regulation 16 consultation can be found below.

Ref 1 Resident

Ref 2 Resident

Ref 3 Resident

Ref 4 Resident

Ref 5 Resident

Ref 6 Resident

Ref 7 Resident

Ref 8 Resident

Ref 9 Resident

Ref 10 Resident

Ref 11 Resident

Ref 12 Resident

Ref 13 Resident

Ref 14 Resident

Ref 15 Resident

Ref 16 Resident

Ref 17 Resident

Ref 18 Resident

Ref 19 Resident

Ref 20 Resident

Ref 21 Resident

Ref 22 Resident

Ref 23 Resident

Ref 24 Resident

Ref 25 Resident

Ref 26 Resident

Ref 27 Resident

Ref 28 Resident

Ref 29 Resident

Ref 30 Resident

Ref 31 Resident

Ref 32 Resident

Ref 33 Resident

Ref 34 Resident

Ref 35 Resident

Ref 36 Resident

Ref 37 Resident

Ref 38 Resident

Ref 39 Resident

Ref 40 Resident

Ref 41 Resident

Ref 42 Resident

Ref 43 Resident

Ref 44 Resident

Ref 45 Resident

Ref 46 Resident

Ref 47 Resident

Ref 48 Resident

Ref 49 Resident

Ref 50 Resident

Ref 51 WSCC

Ref 52 Natural England

Ref 53 Resident

Ref 54 UK Power networks

Ref 55 Sport England

Ref 56 Resident

Ref 57 Thakeham Parish Council

Ref 58 Southern Water

Ref 59 Resident

Ref 60 Resident

Ref 61 Resident

Ref 62 Resident

Ref 63 Resident

Ref 64 Resident

Ref 65 Diocese of Chichester

Ref 66 Resident

Ref 67 Resident

Ref 68 Resident

Ref 69 Resident

Ref 70 ECE Planning (Part I)

Ref 70 ECE Planning (Part II)

Ref 70 ECE Planning (Part III)

Ref 70 ECE Planning (Part VI)

Ref 70 ECE Planning (Part V)

Ref 71 Barton Willmore (Part I)

Ref 71 Barton Willmore (Part II)

Ref 71 Barton Willmore (Part III)

Ref 72 Resident

Ref 73 Historic England

Ref 74 Plainview Planning

Ref 75 Daniel Watney LLP

Ref 76 Henry Adams (Part I)

Ref 76 Henry Adams (Part II)

Ref 76 Henry Adams (Part III)

Ref 76 Henry Adams (Part VI)

Ref 76 Henry Adams (Part V)

Ref 76 Henry Adams (Part VI)

Ref 77 Resident

Ref 78 Woodland Trust

Ref 79 Resident

Ref 80 Resident

Ref 81 Environment Agency

Ref 82 HDC

Ref 83 Surrey County Council

Ashington Neighbourhood Plan (Regulation 16)

The Ashington Neighbourhood Plan is currently out for the Regulation 16 consultation. The consultation is open from 5pm Wednesday 17 June for 8 weeks concluding midnight on Wednesday 12 August 2020.

To view the Ashington Neighbourhood Submission draft plan and how you can make comments please click here:

The evidence base is also available on the parish website. If you have difficulties in responding to the consultation online because of COVID -19 please contact or call the following number 01403 215398 at the earliest possible opportunity so that we can take this into account. Each enquiry will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

Consultations will be kept under close review and please observe current COVID - 19 government guidance.

Ashington Neighbourhood Plan (Regulation 14)

Ashington parish Neighbourhood Plan area has been Designated, and the Draft plan was put out for consultation from 22 June to 17 August.

Read the Draft plan and consultation information

Area approval

Under Regulation 7 the Ashington Neighbourhood Plan Area was approved on February 25 2014.

Approval documents


Under Regulation 5 and 6, the Ashington area application was put out for consultation from November 11 to December 23 2013.

Application documents