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Rusper neighbourhood planning

Decision Statement

Rusper Decision Statement (26 August 2020)

Examiner's Report

The examination process has now concluded. The examiner published his report on the 24 August 2020.

Examiner's report (24 August 2020)

Examination of the Rusper Neighbourhood Plan

David Hogger was appointed as the independent examiner for Rusper Neighbourhood Development Plan. The examiner has produced a note dated the 29 June 2020. The relevant stakeholders had until the 20 July 2020 to respond to the examiner's enquiries.

Examiner's Clarification Note (29 June 2020)

HDC's Response to the Examiner's Question (20 July)

Rusper PC's Response to the Examiner's Questions (17 July 2020)

Representations submitted at Regulation 16:

Ref 1: Millfields Farm

Ref 2: HDC

Ref 3: Thames Water

Ref 4: Barton Willmore

Ref 5: Historic England

Ref 6: Homes England

Ref 7: Evison and Company (Part i)

Ref 7: Evison and Company (Part II)

Ref 8: ECE Planning (Part I)

Ref 8: ECE Planning (Part II)

Ref 9: Allbeck Homes (Part I)

Ref 9: Allbeck Homes (Part II)

Ref 10: The Owners (Part I)

Ref 10: The Owners (Part II)

Ref 11: Bell Cornwall

Ref 12: Southern Water

Ref 13: WSCC

Ref 14: Resident

Ref 15: Surrey CC

Ref 16: Waveley BC

Ref 17: Natural England

Ref 18: Highways England

Regulation 16

The Regulation 16 consultation on the Rusper Neighbourhood Development Plan has concluded. The consultation ran from Monday 24th February for 9 weeks until midnight on Monday 27th April 2020. More details of the consultation can be found here:

Horsham District Council are in discussion with the Parish Council on progressing the plan to examination.

Regulation 14

The Regulation 14 Consultation on the draft Rusper Neighbourhood Plan was out for consultation for 6 weeks between 2 September and 14 October 2019.

Further information on this consultation can be found on the Rusper Parish Council website:


The Rusper Neighbourhood Plan Area was approved on 18 February 2016.

Approval documents


Under Regulations 5 and 6 the Rusper Neighbourhood Plan area application was put out for consultation from January 15 to February 12 2016. The Rusper Neighbourhood Plan Area was approved on 18 February 2016

Application documents