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Storrington Sullington and Washington neighbourhood planning

Storrington Sullington and Washington Neighbourhood Plan has been Made.

Approved Neighbourhood Plan documents

Minor Modification to the SSWNP (Regulation 30)

Modification Statement - Minor Modification to the SSWNP (29 June 2020)

Decision on the Plan proposal (Regulation 19)

1 May 2019

Storrington Sullington and Washington Decision Statement 1 May 2019

Information Statement 18 July 2019

Information for Voters 18 July 2019

Storrington & Sullington and Washington Neighbourhood Plan  June 2019

Results of the Storrington & Sullington and Washington Neighbourhood Plan Referendum held on 18 July 2019

Post-examination modifications consultation

In accordance with paragraph 13a of Schedule 4B of the 1990 Town and Country Planning Act (Regulation 18), the post-examination modifications consultation took place from February 6-March 27 2019.

Schedule of Modifications

Updated SSWNP with track changes 

SEA/SA Report Feb 2019

HRA SSWNP Re-screening

Response Form

Publication of the Examiner's Report and Plan Proposal Decisions (Regulation 18)

Examiner's Report 2018

Decision Statement December 2018

Appendix A: Storrington and Sullington and Washington Modifications Schedule 24 December 2018

Examination and representations

Summary of Representations

Examiner's Initial Comments 25 May 2018

HDC's Response to the Examiner's Initial Comments 20 June 2018

Examiner's Further Initial Comments 26 June 2018

Guidance Note and Agenda for Public Hearings (20 September 2018)

Further Information from the Examiner (31 Aug)

Question 7: Mapping

Question 9: Infill

Question 10 Public Opposition

Question 11: Sequential Test

Question 12: Paula Rosa

Question 13: Old Mill Drive

Question 14: AQMA

Question 15: Local Green Space

Question 16: Chantry Lane

Question 17: North Farm

Policies Maps

Overview Map

Green Gap and Views Policies Map

Inset Map 1

Inset Map 2

Inset Map 3

Inset Map 4

Inset Map 5

Position statements

HDC Position Statement Q1

HDC Position Statement Q2

HDC Position Statement Q3

HDC Position Statement Q4

HDC Position Statement Q5

HDC Position Statement Q6

HDC Position Statement Q6 App. A

QB Position Statement Q1

QB Position Statement Q2

QB Position Statement Q3

QB Position Statement Q4

QB Position Statement Q5

QB Position Statement Q6

Gladman Position Statement Q1

Lewis and Co Position Statement Q2

Lewis and Co Appendix - Route Maps Q2

SDNPA Position Statement Q3

A2 Dominion/WSCC Position Statement Q3

Batcheller Monkhouse Position Statement Q4

Planning Potential Position Statement Q5

ECE Planning Position Statement (Appendices) Q6

Julian Aviss Position Statement Q6

Revised Boundary Map Longbury Hill Wood Proposed LGS

HDC EHO Comments Question 6 Angell Sandpit

Report into Restoration of Sand Quarry by Land Filling with Inert Material

Plan of Existing Levels with  Finished Contours Superimposed

ECE Response to EHO Comments Angell Sandpit 18 Oct 2018

Letter Development Viability 10 Oct 2018

Letter from Dr. Julian Aviss to Examiner John Slater 25 October 2018

Letter to SSWNP 13 March 2015

SHELAA Submission 17 March 2015

Submission Letter to SHELAA July 2018

Submission Letter to Barbara Childs July 2018

SHELAA Submission Form July 2018

Publicising a plan proposal (Regulation 16)

Under Regulation 16, the Draft Plan was submitted along with its supporting documentation for consultation from 23 February to 13 April 2018.

View the submitted Draft Plan

SEA/SA Report

Site Assessment Report (January 2018)

Public Notice

Regulation 16 Comment Form

Consultation Statement (January 2018)

Basic Conditions Statement (January 2018)

Local Green Space Report (March 2017)

Sequential Test Paper

Evidence Base Document List

Regulation 14 Consultation Responses (Public)

Regulation 14 Consultation Responses (Developers and Agents)

Regulation 14 Consultation Responses (Statutory Consultees)

SSWNP HRA Update 2018

Healthcheck Note (May 2017)

Timeline of the Neighbourhood Plan

Draft Plan and submission letter

Under Regulation 14 and 15, the Draft Plan was put out for pre-submission consultation from 10 July to 4 September 2017. The Plan was then submitted on 12 February 2018.

View the Pre-submission Draft Plan

View the submission letter

Area designation

The Neighbourhood Plan Area for Storrington Sullington and Washington was designated following a consultation from 9 September 2013 to 21 October 2013.

Designation report

Designation area map

Designation decision notice

South Downs National Park letter

Area application

Under Regulation 5 and 6, an application for designation was made. View the application form and suggested map area below.

Area application form

Area designation map