West Grinstead neighbourhood planning

The West Grinstead Neighbourhood Plan was formally made at Full Council on 23 June 2021.

Neighbourhood Plan Referendum

A referendum was held for West Grinstead's Neighbourhood Plan on Thursday 6 May 2021.

View the referendum results on our Election results page.

Please click on the links below to read documents associated with the Referendum:

Covid-19 measures

With COVID-19, Horsham District Council has reviewed its protocols regarding referendums. In order to progress safely we have made a decision that if you are not able to view the relevant documents online, hard copies of the Neighbourhood Plan and associated documents will be viewed by appointment only at Parish Council offices and at the District Council offices. Details of the location for these are given in the Information Statement above.

West Grinstead Neighbourhood Plan Examination

Independent examiner Andrew Ashcroft was instructed to undertake the examination of the West Grinstead Neighbourhood Plan. A decision statement was published on the 24 February 2021

Decision Statement

West Grinstead Decision Statement (24 February 2021)

Examiner's Report

Examiner's Report (9 December 2020)

Examination Statements

HDC's response to Examiner's Clarification Note (16 November 2020)

West Grinstead Response to the Examiner's Clarification Note (November 2020)

Lizard Landscape Update (November 2020)

Update on Star Road (November 2020)

Policies Map Update: Local Gaps Map (November 2020)

Examiner's Clarification Note (26 October 2020)

Representations to the Regulation 16 consultation can be found below.

Ref 1: Sport England

Ref 2: Individual

Ref 3: Individual

Ref 4: Individual

Ref 5: Individual

Ref 6: Waverley BC

Ref 7: Individual

Ref 8: Southern Water

Ref 9: Individual

Ref 10 Individual

Ref 11 Environment Agency

Ref 12 Individual

Ref 13 Historic England

Ref 14 Gladman

Ref 15 White Young Green (Part I)

Ref 15 White Young Green (Part II)

Ref 15 White Young Green (Part III)

Ref 15 White Young Green (Part VI)

Ref 15 White Young Green (Part V)

Ref 15 White Young Green (Part VI)

Ref 15 White Young Green (Part VII)

Ref 16 WSCC

Ref 17 Rydon Homes (Part I)

Ref 17 Rydon Homes (Part II)

Ref 17 Rydon Homes (Part III)

Ref 17 Rydon Homes (Part IV)

Ref 17 Rydon Homes (Part V)

Ref 17 Rydon Homes (Part VI)

Ref 17 Rydon Homes (Part VII)

Ref 17 Rydon Homes (Part VIII)

Ref 17 Rydon Homes (Part IX)

Ref 18 Natural England

Ref 19 Surrey CC

Ref 20 Individual

Ref 21 Henry Adams (Part I)

Ref 21 Henry Adams (Part II)

Ref 21 Henry Adams (Part III)

Ref 22 Rural Planning Group (Part I)

Ref 22 Rural Planning Group (Part II)

Ref 23: Knepp Estate (Part I)

Ref 23: Knepp Estate (Part II)

Ref 24: Individual

Ref 25: HDC

West Grinstead Neighbourhood Plan (Reg 16)

West Grinstead Neighbourhood Plan has completed a  8 week consultation in line with the Regulation 16 of the Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012 (as amended). The consultation lasted for 8 weeks from 5pm Friday 10 July to midnight Friday 4 September 2020.

Read further details and comment on the West Grinstead Neighbourhood Plan

West Grinstead Neighbourhood Plan (Reg 14)

West Grinstead Parish Neighbourhood Plan was put out for consultation between 29 July and 23 September 2019.

Read the Draft Neighbourhood Plan

The Neighbourhood Plan area was Designated in 2013.

Area approval

The West Grinstead Neighbourhood Plan Area was approved in 2013.

Area approval documents


Under Regulations 5 and 6, the West Grinstead application was put out for consultation from September 9 to October 21 2013.

Application documents