Dropped kerb planning permission

Dropped kerbs are kerbs that are lowered to allow vehicles to cross over the pavement to go into a driveway. You must check if you need planning permission before a dropped kerb is installed.

You will need planning permission for a dropped kerb if:

  • Your property is divided into flats
  • Your property is in a conservation area and you’d need to remove a gate pillar, wall or fence that’s over one metre high
  • You need structural work to make the parking area
  • The dropped kerb is going to be installed on an A, B or C class road. Check what class your road is by using the road checker

Apply for a dropped kerb through West Sussex County Council

All new or altered dropped kerbs and verge/footway crossovers must be approved by West Sussex County Council, who are the Highways Authority.

Once you have confirmed if you need planning permission, visit their Dropped kerb for driveways licence page to continue with your application.

Apply for a dropped kerb