Trees with restrictions

Which trees have restrictions?

Restrictions apply to certain trees in Horsham District, for varying reasons and under varying legislation. These include:

  • Trees in conservation areas are protected. No works can be carried out to a tree that is over 3 inches in diameter at chest height without notifying us. Visit our Conservation areas pages to view maps of protected areas in Horsham District.
  • Trees with Tree Preservation Orders (TPO) are protected. This is a formal legal restriction that may apply to an individual tree, a group of trees, woodland, or an area of trees. Carrying out unauthorised works to trees under TPO is a criminal offence.
  • Forestry Regulations apply to field trees and woodlands in the countryside under the 1967 Forestry Act (as amended)
  • Trees under planning conditions. This restriction is normally temporary, though may last for a number of years.

To apply for works to a tree that fits the above criteria, visit our Apply for works to a tree page.