This information sets out Horsham District Council's position for protecting children, young people and vulnerable adults who receive services from us.

What does safeguarding mean?

Safeguarding is protecting adults at risk or children from physical, emotional, sexual abuse and neglect.  It is always unacceptable for a child, young person or an adult at risk to experience abuse of any kind and Horsham District Council recognises its responsibility to safeguard the welfare of all children, young people and adults at risk, by a commitment to practice which protects them

We recognise:

  • the welfare of the child/young person or an adult at risk is paramount
  • all children/young people and adults at risk, regardless of age, disability, gender, racial heritage, religious belief, sexual orientation, or identity, have the right to equal protection from all types of harm or abuse
  • working in partnership with children, young people and adults at risk and their parents, carers and other agencies is essential in promoting their welfare.

We will seek to safeguard children, young people and adults at risk by:

  • valuing them, listening to and respecting them
  • expecting all staff, volunteers and contractors adhere to the Horsham District Council Safeguarding Policy
  • recruiting staff and volunteers safely, ensuring all necessary Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks are made
  • sharing appropriate information about child protection and good practice with children, parents, staff and volunteers in line with data protection guidance
  • sharing information about concerns with agencies who need to know, and involving parents/children/carers/vulnerable adults appropriately
  • providing effective management for staff and volunteers through supervision, support and training.
  • Making referrals to relevant agencies where deemed necessary

Our Safeguarding Policy outlines our commitment to safeguard and promote the welfare of children, young people and adults at risk.

It covers:

  • What is Safeguarding
  • Key Legislation and Guidance
  • Accountability
  • Commitment
  • Responsibilities
  • Recruitment
  • Training and Development
  • Procurement
  • Funding Agreements
  • Information Sharing and Partnerships
  • Procedures
  • Designated Officers
  • Responding, Recording and Reporting
  • Associated Policies

The policy applies to all staff, volunteers and Elected Members. The term "staff" refers to casual, temporary, and permanent staff. Consultants and contractors are covered through Procurement.

Responding to a Disclosure

If someone tells us that they or someone they know is being abused we will:

  • Believe what the person is saying and take it seriously.
  • Reassure the person who has made the disclosure to us that they have done the right thing.
  • Not promise to keep secrets.  All allegations of harm or potential harm will be acted upon.

All allegations, even those that appear less serious, will be followed up and examined objectively by Horsham District Council Designated Safeguarding Officers.

Contact Social care support services at West Sussex County Council

If you wish to contact Adult services or Children’s Access Point directly, use the following links

Other useful numbers:

  • Sussex Police 101
  • NSPCC Child Protection Helpline: 0808 800 5000
  • Child-Line: 0800 1111

This child protection information is consistent with Pan Sussex Child Protection and Safeguarding Procedures Manual and the Government publications Working Together to Safeguard Children and What To Do If You're Worried a Child is Being Abused.

Please note that this information is designed to complement and provide a context for the more detailed Horsham District Council Safeguarding Policy and does not replace them. For a copy of Horsham District Council Safeguarding Policy please contact or telephone 01403 215191.

More information on safeguarding

Children and Young People

The West Sussex Children’s Safeguarding Partnership is the group that pulls all the different organisations and agencies that work across West Sussex together as partners to ensure a united approach to looking out for the wellbeing of children in this county.

It is also the job of the Partnership to undertake Serious Case Reviews when a child dies from abuse or neglect or when a child has been seriously harmed and there is a cause of concern in the way professionals have worked together to safeguard the child.

Adults at Risk

The West Sussex Safeguarding Adults Board (SAB) makes sure arrangements are in place to prevent abuse and neglect from happening wherever possible and to protect adults who may be experiencing abuse or neglect and are unable to protect themselves.

If you require an advocate to support you:

POhWER – advice, support and advocacy

IMPACT – advice, support and advocacy