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Garden waste

What goes in your garden waste bin

You can put all of the following in the garden waste bin:

  • Plant prunings
  • Grass cuttings
  • Twigs and small branches (no larger than the width of your wrist)
  • Old or used compost
  • Leaves
  • Weeds
  • Flowers

Please do not put the following in the garden waste bin:

  • Pet bedding or pet waste
  • Plastic bags and liners
  • Household rubbish
  • Household recyclables
  • Kitchen waste, including peelings and egg shells
  • Stones and hardcore
  • Soil
  • Packaging labelled as compostable

Compostable packaging

Packaging that is labelled as compostable should not be placed in the garden waste bin.

The composting facility where garden waste is delivered to is strictly regulated and cannot accept potato starch and other compostable packaging that will not break down as part of the industrial composting process. The composting facility generates compost to a high specification which could not be achieved if this packaging material is included.

There are some circumstances in which we will not collect your garden waste. Read the garden waste service terms and conditions.