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Garden waste

What is the garden waste service?

Garden waste disposal is a paid-for service in Horsham District.

If you already have a garden waste bin at your property, you can pay £41 per year for it to be collected fortnightly. There is no discount for signing up part-way through the year. The service runs for a 12 month period from April 1 to March 31. We make 25 collections per year.

The garden waste bin has a brown top and green sides. If there is no garden waste bin at your property, you will need to buy one. You can buy one at the same time as signing up to the service.

  • 140 litre brown-top bin £40.50
  • 240 litre brown-top bin £43.40

You can sign up as many garden waste bins for collection as you like. The cost drops to £31 per year each for your second and any further bins.

Go paperless

If you are an existing garden waste subscriber and received a letter in the post this year, please click here to tell us your email address so we can send out less paper next year.

Read the 2020/21 garden waste service terms and conditions

If you do not want to sign up to the garden waste service you will need to find an alternative way of dealing with your garden waste. Try home composting, or take your garden waste to your local Household Waste Recycling Site free of charge where it is sent off for composting.