Recycling champions

Recycling champions

Recycling Champions are local families and community groups who take part in our recycling trials to help us find new ways to reduce food waste and increase recycling across the District

Hot Bin trial summer 2022

We currently have 15 families and community groups trialling Hot Bins to see how it helps minimise their food waste.

A Hot Bin can take cooked food waste (including bones), peelings, pet waste and more and turn it into rich compost in 30 – 90 days by heating the waste up to 60°C. The result is a nutrient-rich compost for your garden for minimal effort and reduced food waste in your rubbish bin.

Meet our new round of trial participants and stay up to date with how they're getting on.

A Hot Bin with a Recycling Champions sticker on it

St Mark's Church Horsham

One of the first community groups to trial the Hot Bin is St Mark’s Church in Holbrook, Horsham.

St Mark’s Eco-Champion Karen Parks commented: I have successfully used a Hot Bin in my garden for years for food and garden waste. We are so pleased that children from Holbrook Preschool and New View Nursery, who meet next to the church in North Heath Hall, are helping with the trial, by collecting and weighing their food waste and adding it to our Hot Bin. We look forward to providing updates during the six month trial for more insight into how a community Hot Bin could work.

•	Cllr Toni Bradnum delivers Hot Bin to St Mark's Church Holbrook

Reverend Richard Coldicott, vicar of St. Mark's Church, Holbrook, said:

"We are delighted to be participating in the community phase of Horsham District Council’s Hot Bin composter trial. As a Silver Award Eco Church, now going for Gold, we are keen to do all we can to help increase recycling rates.

"We will be collecting and weighing peelings, food waste, tea bags and coffee grounds from the vicarage, church and church hall for the Hot Bin. We look forward to using the compost to help us grow fruit and vegetables in the church garden to bless our community."

Horsham Matters

Local charity Horsham Matters are trialling a 200L Hot Bin.

"At Horsham Matters we are always looking at ways to reduce our waste, save money, and help the community. The hot bin will allow us to do this by putting our food waste there and turning this to compost for community garden projects. Also, this will help us cut the cost of waste food collections."

Day family

"I'm always keen to minimise waste but as a small household I didn't think it was possible to compost my limited kitchen waste so when I heard about the Hot Bin trial I was keen to have a go. I'm hoping to make enough to boost the soil in my veg plot."

Charman family

"We wanted to take part because we are a family of four and have a fair amount of food waste especially from the children despite best efforts not to. We currently recycle as much as we can and we have also recently re done our garden. We loved the idea that we could minimise our waste and create something to feed our garden off the back of it."

"We found it more in depth than we though to set up and still haven’t managed to get to the base line yet. I’m sure once we are there it will be plain sailing."

Charman family with their Hot Bin

2020 Hot Bin trial testimonials

In 2020 we ran our first phase of the Hot Bin trial with 100L bins for 5 families. Read how they got on throughout their trial.