Read about our new District-wide Climate Action Group

Published: 01 Mar 2024

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Across the summer of 2023 we engaged with residents, businesses, and other organisations on the contents of a draft Climate Action Strategy. The response was great and lots of useful information was provided. As a result of the feedback some changes were made to the original draft. We now have a 10-year plan which aims to coordinate the changes that are required for our whole District to become net zero for carbon emissions by 2050, in line with the national target.

The Council has already started on some of the actions in the Strategy, and one of these included setting up a  Parish and  Neighbourhood Council Climate Action Group to support their own work on tackling climate change.

We recognise that parish and neighbourhood councils and community groups have a vital role to play in addressing how we can help to reduce the District's carbon emissions.  Led by Horsham District Council, this District-wide network has been established to provide a space to share resources, information, documentation, advice, queries, and successes between Horsham District Council, Horsham Association of Local Councils, and all the Parish and Neighbourhood Councils in the Horsham District regarding their Climate Action Plans.

Watch this space as we continue to share with you how local communities are working together to help tackle climate change. For more details on the new climate network contact

You can read the District's Climate Action Strategy here and stay up to date with the latest news on these climate and environment pages.

Is your local community involved?

If you are interested in climate action and would like your community to get behind this please contact your local parish to see what plans they have already and how to get involved.

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