Recycling tips shared following Council vehicle fire

Published: 19 Aug 2022

Recycling sent to landfill due to vehicle fire

We are reminding residents what can and cannot be put into their household recycling bins following a fire in one of our waste collection vehicles caused by a discarded mobile phone.

Mobile phones and e-cigarettes should not be put into household recycling because, like other small electricals, they have lithium ion batteries. They must be disposed of responsibly, through an electricals recycling service. One option is the Council’s own free small electricals recycling service.

On Friday 8 July a Council a waste collection vehicle caught fire in Southwater. Thankfully no one was hurt, and three crews from West Sussex Fire and Rescue attended the scene.

More than five tonnes of recycling had to be emptied onto the road to be properly extinguished, and once cleared up it could no longer be recycled.

The Council’s free small electricals recycling collections service is an easy way to make sure lithium ion batteries are recycled responsibly - simply place batteries in a plastic bag and put on top of your bin.

Book a free small electricals collections

Alternatively, why not try to repair your old electrical item or consider having the item repaired at your nearest Repair Cafe - within the Horsham district there are ones in Horsham, Storrington, Steyning, and Henfield.  Bring any small electrical item that doesn’t work to the café and skilled volunteers will do their best to mend it. If you fancy learning how to fix it as well, our volunteers are happy to talk through what they are doing.  You may go away with a fixed item and a new skill!