Plan an event

Temporary road closures for parades and festivals

If you are planning a festival, carnival procession, parade, shopping event or similar, please send the following information to our Property & Facilities Department, Horsham District Council, Parkside, Chart Way, Horsham RH12 1RL.

  • The name of the organisation applying
  • A daytime contact telephone number and e-mail address
  • The purpose of the event and the anticipated number of attendees, if known
  • The date of the event
  • A list of the roads that are proposed to be closed
  • A marked up street plan showing the length of each of the proposed roads to be closed.
  • The times that it is proposed for each of the roads to be closed
  • A traffic and event management plan together with a risk assessment for the event.

To close the road for a community event there is an administrative charge of £100 per application and organisations making application should have public liability insurance cover for the sum of £10 million.

View upcoming road closures and open applications

Further guidance for planning your event

It is the applicant's responsibility to check with our Licensing Department to see if any particular licenses are required for events that are proposed to be held for which the temporary road closure has been applied for.

For detailed guidance on holding an outdoor event, please read our Guide to organising outdoor events.

For detailed advice on holding a bonfire or fireworks event, please read the Department for Communities and Local Government guide to celebrating bonfire night