Building a thriving local economy

A fresh vision for Horsham District

Building a thriving local economy

Our District will be known as an easy place to do business. We’ll work to overcome challenges and keep our high streets thriving, both in Horsham town and across the district.

Council Plan Priorities 2023-2027

Click on each priority to see specific actions, goals and targets in our Annual Plan for 2023-2024 below.

Annual Plan 2023-2024

  1. Fast track new businesses with start-up packages and pop-up shops.
    • Seek opportunities to use Horsham District Council owned buildings for incubator and move on units.
    • Use the Rural England Prosperity Fund to support rural businesses and community groups with development grants.
  2. Support flexible workers with hot-desking and meeting facilities.
    • Identify buildings in the rural area and in Horsham town centre for co-working venues and use money from the Shared Prosperity Fund to contribute to the capital cost of setting up the facilities.
  3. Help deliver Horsham’s first Business Improvement District.
    • Hold the referendum for the new Business Improvement District.
  4. Pursue public realm improvements in our towns and villages.
    • Consult on wide ranging public realm improvements in Horsham town centre.
    • Implement public realm improvements in Queen Street, Horsham.
  5. Promote business and culture with new events.
    • Secure resourcing for the events programme to continue beyond 23/24.
  6. Improve digital access in rural areas.
    • Continue to lead the West Sussex-wide rural connectivity project board including:
      • Working with the Government on Project Gigabit.
      • Overseeing the use of West Sussex top up vouchers.
      • Reviewing the opportunities for 4G and 5G mobile broadband.
  7. Campaign for improvements in public transport.
    • There are no projects that we will complete under this heading in 2023/24.
  8. Promote Horsham District as a destination for food and drink tourism.
    • Develop the Plate Up Local project to get more local food and drink onto local menus and in retailers, including publicity campaigns and networking events.
  9. Support initiatives to help people find work.
    • Hold a job and skills fair to find opportunities for upskilling and employment.